Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Just me and John Cena (and Roman Reigns)

Where have i been?  yikes!  wait, did anyone even know i was gone? or is this just my diary that no one looks at? LOL it's okay, for the most part that's true!

Life has been very crazy busy.  I'm going to share my favorite part of the past few months. I was lucky enough, once again, to take part in the Susan G Komen and WWE's breast cancer tribute.  This year it was held during their Tuesday night Smackdown Live.  Last year when i took part it was on RAW.  

I'll begin by telling you that like in the past, we arrived at the Valley View Casino Center (aka Sports Arena) early early so that we could catch sight of the wrestlers.  Yes, I'm 60, and Yes, i love doing this. I've spent my entire life working, and raising kids, so it's about time i do stuff for me. I happen to love wrestling, and have so since the 60's.  I spend a lot of time defending my love of wrestling, but it's okay. The wrestlers i've met over the years make me happy. Brutus the Barber, Rick Rude, The Bushwackers, Earthquake, Lex Luger, Dolph Ziggler, Primetime Players, Dean Ambrose and on and on.

So, anyway... I was at the VIP reception for the breast cancer survivors and the survivors are posing for a group photo.  This guy came running up and kind of bumped me and knelt down in front of me. I put my hand on his shoulder and was about to tell him it was a group pic for survivors when he turned around and looked at me... IT WAS JOHN CENA!!! just typing that in caps doesn't tell how excited i was. i yelled out 'OMG it's JOHN CENA!!!' and everyone was so thrilled to see him! 

I grabbed my phone and asked him if i could take a selfie, and he said yep!  while i held out my phone to take the selfie, i was shaking so bad, he said 'here let me do that' and he took our selfie! 

And it just gets better.  The following Monday, while watching Monday Night RAW, they were showing some Susan G Komen and WWE stuff and who should show up on there? yep! me!!!
Here's the pic of that from TV.  If you know wrestling you'll recognize who is on my phone cover. Roman Reigns :)

and to just drive my point home, here was the same pic on today's Tuesday's Smackdown Live.

it's been a very eventful month for this old broad.

There's more, but that's all for this wrestling gal.  

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