Monday, June 20, 2016

Wayne Newton of course.

i'll post a trip report at another time.  This is about seeing Wayne Newton at his newest show, Up Close and Personal.  it was set in a small and very intimate showroom at Windows in Bally's Las Vegas. 

We had VIP Tickets to see Wayne on our 25th Anniversary June 15th.  Having VIP tickets meant you got to have a Meet and Greet with Mr Newton! We were first in the VIP line waiting for the show to start. When the curtains opened we were led to our seats FRONT AND CENTER!  i just couldn't believe it.  We were maybe, 2 feet from the stage.

When he came out, he came in from the back. i didn't know he was there until he touched my shoulder. Are you kidding me!?  

he sang a couple of songs, and told Stories about back in the day. His beautiful wife, Kathleen was his co-host for the evening.  The audience was given the chance to write down questions for Wayne, and she presented them to him. She read him my comment (with my name). i asked him how many times he had sung Danke Schoen.  He said that he got the song kind of later in life, so his reply was 'not nearly enough'  

The show lasted about 90 minutes. It was worth every penny i had spent.  I've seen him 18 times in concert, and this was, by far my favorite.

After the show we lined up for a meet and greet.  i had planned what i wanted to say.  Wayne is a Virginian and my dad was from Roanoke Virginia, and Wayne had lived there too.  

We were called up to meet Mr Newton.  We introduced ourselves and I was all ready to tell Mr Newton my story.  But, my husband (whom i call the Scottymon) who very rarely speaks, cut in front of me and said IT'S OUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY!!!! uh, i was stumped with what was going on and when he said 'You should have told me,i'd have sung you a song!' all i could manage to say was "no sir, it was enough just meeting you'  haha, another celeb fail for me.

We posed for a picture. the lighting changed the color of my hair, and the shirt on me adds 60 lbs to my frame. Yikes!  But, believe me,It was a great night!

Below are pictures. i didn't take many because the show was so intimate i didn't want to be 'that person'  


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