Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Shame on Novolog etc

Shame on ALL makers of Insulin Pens. Novolog in particular.  This is my statement from Humana for January. Look at the ridiculous price that Novolog is charging for a 90 day supply of my insulin pens. 

Now, if I am a good girl, and spend $1,000.00 in co-pays then Novolog will let me apply for free pens. Yes, apply. Being accepted isn't a guarantee. Isn't that swell of them? Notice how my sleeping meds cost ONLY 3 dollars? 

As long as i keep being a diabetic, Novolog (in particular) will own me.
At this rate, i'm going to either A)hoard my pens (by not injecting the correct amount and therefore save my insulin) or B) win the lottery.

I can see why people are dying.  They can't afford the cure.

if you read this far, please let Novolog (or any other insulin carrier) know that they are probably one of the reasons people are dying. #ShameOnYou

Sunday, February 26, 2017


 Today, February 27th, would have been my brother, Brian's 59th birthday. We lost him to cancer June 18, 2012, but not one single day goes by that i don't think of him.
Let me tell you about my brother. He was the best dad, brother, son, uncle and friend. He never said no, and sometimes that was his downfall. Next to my dad, Brian was the funniest man i ever met. He wasn't afraid to be embarrassed or be the butt of the joke.

Like most siblings, we had our ups and downs. I was the bully sister who would punch him, and when he punched back, i told on him and he got in trouble. He would get back at me by finishing all of his dinner when i hated mine. or he'd have the cleanest room when i was the opposite.
I loved my brother, and will regret not being there to say goodbye. but one more quality that my brother possessed was his ability to forgive. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Just when you thought i was done.....

Oooops, i've neglected my reader (which is probably me). a lot of stuff 
has been happening.

In November, using money i had left over from our 25th anniversary trip to Vegas, i made another trip to Vegas, solo.  No i'm not rolling around with my money at home. we saved for over a year to be able to afford our Vegas trip back in June.  When we came home from that trip, i had enough money to buy a new TV, a tv stand and still some left over to take myself on a well deserved trip.  

i stayed at the Wynn and loved it. would i stay there again? Probably not. the price is insane, but the view, amazing.  i was well out of my element there (i pride myself on being white trash) but it was a nice places to stay at for 4 days.

Then sometime around Christmas my daughter asked me to come visit her in Hawaii. With some help from a good friend of mine, i was able to fly to Oahu for 10 days.  To say i love Alaska Air is a bold understatement.  Hawaii as usual, was beautiful, and not too hot.  It was a nice visit, but i missed my cold weather :)