Sunday, December 13, 2015

just when you think life sucks, things get better

My last post was about Medicare Part D and how none of the companies available to me would cover my LIFE SAVING insulin.  I would like to update this. I ended up qualifying for assistance from Lilly Company!  Finally, it feels great to get something that benefits my health, with NO stress!

One gripe about WellCare (the Part D provider that i'm dumping Dec 31). They only partially covered my Insulin (250 dollars for 3 month supply) saying that I was lucky that they were generous enough to give me a 50% discount on my Humalog.  Puhleeze.  I ordered my Soma (Muscle Relaxer) and Glipizide (diabetes pill). Imagine my surprise it was only 8.25!!!  so, let me get this straight.  I pay 8.25 for those, but for something life saving, i have to go without because my bank account says no.  The insulin that keeps me alive is too expensive to afford to KEEP ME ALIVE. just ridiculous.

I'm one of the lucky ones. I was able to get assistance.  it took a lot of legwork on my part. Copying tax records, medical cards, medicare card, and other various things needed to show that we were able to qualify for the program.  The lady that assisted me in this was a God-send. Even though i was short with her, told her that we didn't quality, and pretty much tried to shoo her away, she stuck with me.  I'd been turned down at other  places so many times, it was just a defense mechanism on my part.
I've done plenty of apologizing to her, believe that!  

Anyhow, the message here is 'don't give up, you never know what will end up in your lap'

:) xoxo

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