Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Plans? i got em

Here we are in 2016.  Finally!  i was ready for 2015 to be over with. And for no particular reason other than the planning for our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Las Vegas has officially begun!

Scott and I were married June 15th, 1991.  Many people didn't think it would last.  I was the wild party girl, always having fun. Scott was the quiet guy, stayed to himself.  All that changed when i spotted him in a bar. (we were at an awards dinner for darts).  i told the guy that brought me to the awards, Dale, to go home when i spotted Scott. haha. 

We met January 23rd, moved in together 2 weeks later (gasp!). We got engaged March 23rd, and were married June 15th 1991.  Pretty much everyone said it would never last. well, my friends were the ones saying that. LOL.  

Here we are, 25 years later.  I've always said Scott got more than he bargained for when he said 'in sickness and in health' with me.  Besides Stage 3 breast cancer, my diabetes has been a giant pain in the butt. i almost died to Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  But, he has always stepped up to the plate where I am concerned.  

We spent our honeymoon in Las Vegas.  At the time, we stayed at the Sahara. While we loved it, we said on our 25th anniversary, we would want to stay at Caesars Palace.  And this trip we are going to.  Although it won't be for the entire 5 day stay (the prices are ridiculous!) we will stay 2 days there. On our anniversary for sure. 

We're also doing some touristy stuff (my choice). As a self professed Wayniac, we're going to do the tour of Wayne Newton's ranch.  I've seen Wayne in concert 17 times, and cannot stress how excited I am to see this.  One year, when we had tickets to see Wayne in concert at the Stardust, i dragged Scott along to see him. To say Scott was unhappy would be a great understatement. That is until he found out Wayne comes through the entire audience and shakes hands with everyone. Scott got to shake Wayne's hand.  And with that, a new fan was born.

I hope each and every one of my fans are off to a wonderful start to 2016.  On a side note, I have a repeat MRI of my left breast to see if there is any change to the mass that a mammogram detected 6 months ago.  Hoping it's nothing, but if it is, i'm a tough broad and can handle it. 

And while I'm at it, please say a prayer for my friend Lynnie who is going through breast cancer right now.  She's got 2 little girls who need her, and i know she can do this.  


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