Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lilly company, you are not user friendly

Do you have Medicare? Do you have drug coverage? Are you a diabetic? If so, good luck finding plans that cover Humalog, Humulin or Oxycodone. 

That's the experience i had today. I found out quite by accident, that my prescription drug coverage company, Wellcare (1 out of 5 stars from me) are not covering those 3 prescriptions anymore. Yeah, the pain killers i get (i think) but something that keeps me alive? NOT COVERED?

so, i called Medicare since it's re enrollment time. Apparently only ONE company covered my drugs.  I'm sure there are more that's not covered, and i'm most absolutely sure that I'm not the only one dealing with this.

I would have never known about this. The company sent me a new card and a flyer saying some of the drugs i take might not be covered. Imagine my surprise when i called Wellcare (whose call center isn't in the USA, it's in the philippines.  So, when i had a gripe about my meds, they offered to 'transfer me to the US'. wow. WELLCARE WAS JUST GOING TO KEEP TAKING 74 DOLLARS OUT OF MY SSI EVERY MONTH. FOR DOING NOTHING

So, i signed up with Humana Enhanced, and this coverage will only cover my insulin until MAY!!! there is NO other alternative for this diabetic. I do have feelers out there trying to get help, but we've been told before we make too much (just a little too much, but too much nonetheless)

This broad isn't happy today.  So, according to most of Medicare, I will just not be diabetic after May!  oh if i was only that easy. 

God Bless the lady at my insurance that is going above and beyond trying to get me assistance right now. I fell into the 'doughnut hole' in November. No notice from Wellcare.  So my co-pay for Humalog was 213.00 and Lantus (which i've had to stop because of the idiotically high co-pay) was almost 1000 dollars. 

i am in the wrong line of work. I need to invent a new insulin. That's where the money is.


not loving a diabetic all.

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