Monday, February 2, 2015

2105 is NOT my friend.

So far, i'm not to thrilled with 2015.  

New Years Eve morning hub hit black ice and flipped the car 4 times. While the car was not so lucky (it was totalled) hub was very lukcky. I was so thankful, i bought him 2 packs of cigarettes. This is a big deal. I will NOt enable his disgusting habit. But, i was worried sick about him, so for the first time in YEARS i bought his cigarettes. I was so thankful that he was alive.  

my car saved his life. If he'd have been in our PT Cruiser, he'd be dead. i told him the night he went to work, take the silver car (the Buick LeSabre) its crazy heavy. i'm so glad i convinced him ot do this.
Here is her goodbye. The other pics are after the car was brought home. :(

So, i heard from a friend that she knew someone aka Teri Titus had an awesome little 1998 Nissan 200sx for sale. Said Teri Titus told her that the car ran great.  

Teri Titus also told hub it ran great. Teri Titus told ME that it was an awesome car. (I keep saying her name because she's avoiding my texts and calls, so if she googles her name she'll find this blog)

i also told hub to drive it on the freeway to test it to see if there was any vibrating. of course, he didn't because rush hour traffic was bad that morning. He said in town the car ran great, so he bought the car for 2500 dollars. since then the battery has been dying, the CV boot is  ripped to shreds, and the left part of the axle is busted. Lots of nuts and bolts issues. Leaking oil, belts needed replacing. 

So, because she decieved us about the car, the law can make her give the money back because it's a crappy car. We are taking it to our mechanic Wed and he's going to hopefully fix the issues. its a cute little car, but under the hood is the issue.

THEN, one morning hub stopped at the store in town, and the car wouldn't start. turns out, it had a broken timing belt. 500 dollars later and it's fixed. (i'm determined not to buy a new car) 

Here is our little Nissan (Small Claims) car. She's a beauty  but the stuff under the hood, well you know. Here's her pic. I have named her Ethel.

AND THE BIG NEWS, IS jenny Punkin Pie is engaged
More on the other thing at another time. I want to keep good news separate from the bad news! :)

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