Thursday, January 29, 2015

wonderful friends that need some help

I need a favor from my friends. My friend Anne Sleepy Kramer was involved in an accident Dec 19th, 2014. It involved Black Ice. All of you know how my husband had a severe black ice incident, that involved him rolling the vehicle 4 times. He came out of it sore, but other than this, he's fine. anne has not been so lucky
. Her husband John Kramer is disabled after a pretty servere stroke, and has no car to get anywhere. Since she's the only working one, times are tough. for the both of them. Her rehab is pretty far from her home, and with no car, her husband, cannot get there to visit her. I've known them both since the 70's, they are great people.
Read the story at the link, and if you can find it in your heart, donate. Any amount will help. I know I would appreciate it. (since i have amazing friends) I donated to a dart fundraiser, and come payday, i am donating again. If you can't donate, maybe say a prayer for both John and Anne, as i can assure you, they will help. Thank you in advance.

It's January 9th and today marks 3 weeks since my car accident that rocked my world and changed my life. On Friday, December 19th, I got up and got ready to...

i don't expect millions to be donated from my friends. but i put myself in their place and i would hope you donate if it were me!  if you aren't comfortable, you can send me your cc info or a check and i'll gladly forward it to them.Prrayers can also be said.



joanne said...

sending prayers and healing light to them and will check, come payday, how much more I can do. God bless them both.

Just Deb said...

Joanne, i am so lucky to know people (even my internet friends) that want to do all they can for my friend Anne. I'll most definitely pass your kind words to her. She will appreciate your prayers

Just Deb said...

Joanne i just saw this (i need to update my blog so i can get notifications). Thank you for your prayers. Anne is finally home after 3 months. Still a long way to go but with every prayer and good thought, she's got it made!