Tuesday, January 6, 2015

um, Happy New Year?

for years, i've made fun of my husband for various things. He's a willing target, he plays along. Like, when we are disagreeing on something. Rather than fight, he walks off. He knows it irritates me, but in the end, he's the brilliant one. 

i may make jokes about my husband, but i do love the man.

Nothing has tested our marriage more than when i got cancer in 2002. It took our marriage vows, in sickness and in health, to an entirely new level.

Speaking of another level.  We just got a pretty big snow storm. While i love snow, i'm not a fan of driving in it. (i don't think anyone really is)

He was off to work at his job (on graveyard) New Years Eve.  We have two cars, a PT Cruiser and a big tank Buick LeSabre. I begged him to take the Buick, as it was heavier, and he'd be safer. So he did.

The next morning he was coming home, when he hit black ice.  he was barely going 10 miles per hour, when the car started to slide, fishtail, and hit a boulder on the side of the road. This caused the car to flip and roll over FOUR times.

the car came to a rest on its roof. Scotty was able to get the seatbelt off and kick open the back door and climb out. two young girls came driving by, and pulled over to see if he was okay. They called 911 for help.  CHP and Towing showed up, and were so caring and helpful. People bitch about the police, but these California Highway Patrol were awesome.  Fire Dept and paramedics  showed up, but hub said he was fine, so he refused any medical attention. My friend Colton, happened to drive by and stopped to see if he was ok. Colton called me and told me what happened, and that Scott was fine. I'm glad it was Colton that called, it made it so much easier to hear it from a friend.

He had the car towed to the driveway of our home, and i will be calling to have it towed to recycle or part it out.  Now, comes the hunt for a new car. we've been without a car payment for 6 years, so what we're going to do is just save money until July and buy a car then. Hopefully our other car (with 275,000 miles) lasts until then.

My heart broke when i saw the car, and then i could NOT believe that my husband made it out of there alive. If he'd have been in the PT Cruiser, there's no doubt he'd be dead. So i'm glad i made him take the Buick. 

Hub took 4 days off of work, because of being sore. i'm trying to talk him into going to the doctor, so we'll see. In the meantime, i'm quite the little nurse :)  When this happened, i went to the market and bought him 2 packs of cigarettes. I'm VERY anti-smoking, but i felt so bad that he went through this, i changed my rule about buying him cigarettes. In our entire marriage i refused to enable his smoking habit. Until that day. Our daughter said that she could tell i felt horrible because that's the first time i've bought cigarettes for him.

Here's the car, and trust me, the pictures do NOT do it justice. He also had his work radio on his hip, that and some contents of the car ended up in the middle of the road.

contents of the car that were tossed around

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