Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sir, i salute you...

a couple of months back, i wrote a blog about needing help finding my Aunt in Virginia.  When my dad died in 1991, my brother (for whatever reason) asked my aunt (dad's sister) to hold on to the military medals. I tried to find her and failed. Brian died from cancer a couple of years ago, so obviously he couldn't get them.

about a year or so ago, i started the ball rolling to, at the very least, get duplicates of his medals. i filled out paperwork, and honestly, forgot about it. Until this past Friday.

I pulled out my copies of the paperwork for the medals, and put a note on them to check on it.  The very next day, the medals arrived in the mail.  

Hub had stopped at the mailbox and brought home a big manila envelope from the Department of the Navy.  I opened it and there was about 15 or so boxes with medals in them! each labeled with a title from where they were earned.

Of course, being a little bit excited, i took out the medals, and tossed the box to the side.  After i was done, i thought, ooops! So, thank goodness i'm in a personal relationship with Google, and got it all figured out.  Until i get a shadowbox, i've just got them waiting in a ziplock bag. 

So, even though they aren't the originals, they mean alot more to me, because i worked so hard to get them back.  I'd be elated if I got the orginals back, but i doubt that will happen.

Here's a pic.  As soon as i find the appropriate shadow box, it will sit with the other shadow box that hub bought for my dads flag.

this is the shelf hub fixed up for the flags shadow box and a pic of dad.

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Vanna Jones said...

Hi aunt Deb its Ness. I have Grandpas scrap book. Thought may e you would like to know. Miss u love me. Call me if u want to talk about Dad. 530-415-3181. I was the one holding his hand when he took his last breath.