Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just when you think time flies, it really does.

This blog is dedicated to my mom.  30 years ago, today, Sept 21st, my mom lost a very hard fought battle to stay alive.

Yes, its a strange way to put it, but that's how it was.  Before i was born, my mom had Tuberculosis, spending nearly a year in a Sanatorium.  She endured asthma, removal of a lung due to the damage done by Tuberculosis.  She ended up getting cancer in the remaining lung. In between that, she had cataracts, spent MANY days and weeks in the hospital for breathing issues. I remember seeing her on a ventilator for the first time. i was 16. It's not like it is on tv. Trust me on that.  

My mom did every thing a healthy mom could do.  She would take my brother and i out to do fun things all the time.  She never let on that she didn't feel good.  She sewed clothes for me, helped my brother with homework, kept a spotless house. You name it, she did it.

The last day was a tough one.  Dad and I had gone to see her in the hospital.  She was there because her vision was gone due to the cancer, and she couldn't breathe without help.  Imagine our surprise when we walked in and she was sitting up, NO oxygen, she could SEE, and looked the picture of health.  We just couldn't believe it.  After spending some time with her, we left to go home and change clothes, eat and then come back to the hospital.

No sooner did we get home, when the hospital called and said to come back, she didn't have long to live.  WHAT????? (i would find out later, that sometimes when people are dying this happens). 

We sat with mom who was now in a coma.  The nurse said that we should tell her it's okay to let go that her work on earth was done. My dad couldn't do it, so it was left to me. How on earth do you tell someone that has been there for you your entire life that it's okay to die? I barely remember doing it, but after whispering to her that it was okay to go, she passed on. It wasn't scary at all.  And she had such a look of peace on her face.

Once we left the room, i shook like i had never shaken before. I can't explain it. I felt such a strange sense of power and weakness at the same time. I have never had that feeling since.

Mom, i know you are in heaven, with Brian and dad, and are looking down on me, keeping me safe.

RIP Vera A Bosang
April 11th, 1922-September 21st, 1984.

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joanne said...

she has been gone a long time but as we all know time changes nothing but the yearning. she was a lovely woman and fought hard to give you what was normal, I am convinced she is there for you now in ways we could never imagine. blessings of sweet memories of her be with you today.