Friday, May 16, 2014

you put your right foot in......

update on my feeties.

Still swollen.  Well, the ankles are swollen, and only after i've been on my feet all day.  The feet themselves aren't swollen as much.  This has NEVER EVER been a problem in my life, so i'm not sure why it is now.  I've got an email into the doc.  Also, been testing my blood pressure, and its fine.  Argh.

I still have some lingering pain from the plantar faciitis, but only on the bottom of the feet.  I'm not liking this.

so, just an update.  Oh yeah, its been CRAZY hot here, and all sorts of places are on fire here. Please say a prayer for our firemen and the people who have lost their homes.  so tragic, and we haven't even gotten to fire season yet.

OOOOH here's the cutest website ever.

the momma just had her babies and they have her live!  read about them too, the story is great.

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