Saturday, June 14, 2014

So busy doing a lot of nothing

Yikes, i will never get the award for consistent blogger of the year.  I've been busy, but not THAT busy, where i can't find some time to blog. So, here's some updates and a bit more.

1. The lump in my breast WAS scar tissue from my very first run in with breast cancer in 2002.  So, as of May 9th, i'm a 12 year breast cancer survivor! 

2.  The first go-round with lasix was a fail. So the doctor increased it, and now the swelling has gone WAY down, and now its just a little bit around my ankles. I had blood taken yesterday to make sure my potassium is okay, and i'll get those results Monday.

3. Plantar Faciitis is gone gone gone. thank goodness, because that stuff was a pain in the, feet. 

Today, June 15 is our wedding anniversary. 23 years! There were plenty of people that said it would never last.  and not because of Scotty. Because of ME!  I am very outgoing, and sometimes i hit like a locomotive. But, Scotty overlooked it.  Hard to believe its been 23 years.  We met January 23, got engaged March 23, and got married June 15.  He was 27 and i was 35.  
Yes this is us. 

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