Friday, June 14, 2013

Things they be a happenin'

shoot, i didn't blog on my birthday! it was a nice peaceful day with friends. Late in the evening 6 or 7 of us headed to the local bar for a few drinks, then it was time to head home. 57!  i'm glad i don't act my age or who knows where i'd be right now LOL

Tomorrow (June 15) is me and the scottymon's 22nd anniversary. Hard to believe it has been that long. But i know he's lucky to have me.  Haha. We have a great marriage, we know it. Here's to the next 22. 

On mothers day Jennifer took a picture of me that horrified me. I mean, i know i looked fat and horrible (its no secret LOL). The next day i signed up at a gym that is only 10 minutes from our home. Its owned by a former San Diego Charger (who also used to be a Green Bay Packer).  I go 4 days a week, and right now i'm just doing the treadmill.  The trainer gave me things to do (eventually) and cardio is one of the things i can handle right now.  I'm limited with a few things because of my crummy back, but thats okay.  I've been going since May 20th (almost a month) and i've lost 10 lbs!! 

Plus i have cleaned up my eating habits. No fast food, nothing fried,  and lots of veggies. I'm pretty good about some veggies, such as corn and carrots. I also am incorporating some things like strawberries, celery and cucumbers. I'm such a picky eater, but I'm inspired.  I am buying a George Foreman grill Monday and have some good EASY recipes for Chicken and Pork. I'm not a red meat eater, so i'll have to see how that goes.  Anyway, wish me luck!

The first anniversary of my brothers death is coming up in a few days. Of course i'll do a blog for it, but to say that i've coped with his death, is so far from the truth. I miss him so.  his laugh, sense of humor, his caring nature.  I'll save more of the same for the blog on the 18th.

Okay, thats it.  I'm off to watch some wrestling. yeah, I'm that girl.

Oh, Happy Fathers Day to all you daddies. And of course I say Happy Fathers day to my husband. yeah this year i am acknowledging Fathers Day applies to him.  For EVER he's always said to me on Mothers Day "you aren't my mother". he was only half kidding, but he still said it.  So, i've never said anything to him on Fathers Day.  This year he bought me flowers AND said Happy Mothers Day.  So, maybe i'll get him flowers too LOL.  I kid alot about him, but he's a good man, and i struck gold when i met him. 

Love you all!

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joanne said...

glad to see you are still kickin' Happy belated Birthday! Heck, 57 is nothing! Well, for us diabetics it really is a lot and a lot to be thankful for. Best wishes and good luck with the new beginnings.