Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life can change in an instant

My heart hurts for the people of Oklahoma.  I cannot even begin to imagine the horror they are all experiencing.

My friend Ray, his sister Joyce and their brother Gerry moved to Moore Oklahoma many years ago.  Ray was my best friend in the 70's. We'd roller skate outside near the beach.   He took me to the bar/restaurant that his mom worked at.  It was there that i was introduced to darts.  Rays family was my second family, and his mom Sharon was my 2nd mom. 

When i got word of the tornado and the location that it hit, i freaked out. I tried texting Ray and got no answer.  I facebooked him, and his sister Joyce, and nothing.  Even though the news said not to call, i HAD to.  i was making myself sick with worry.  After 4 or 5 rings, HE ANSWERED!!! i've never been so glad to hear someone answer a phone!  

He said that they were fine but that his brother Gerry had lost his house.  I only got a minute or two to talk before being disconnected.  But, i'm so glad I was able to talk to him.

These are pictures of what was Gerry's house.

They had no idea where the oil tanker came from.

I asked Ray if i should send Gerry and his family a gift card from Walmart (or something like that).  He said that due to the kindness of perfect strangers, they weren't really in need at the moment. After some discussion, he told me that there was a family from his church that lost everything and had NO INSURANCE.  his name is Jason Logsdon.  Ray gave me the address of the church and i sent a check.  I only wish that i could do more.

Sometimes things can change your life in an instant, and this is proof. My prayers go out to everyone affected by this Tornado.  

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