Tuesday, May 14, 2013

where have i been??? i didn't know i was lost!

Well, where have i been? Busy, i guess.  But i'm here now!

First up, the mammogram.  May 8th, 2002 i was given the terrible news that no one wants to hear.  You have cancer.  Well, after kicking cancers ass with the help of lumpectomies, Chemo, radiation and Femara, I'm still cancer free 10 years later.  Oh yeah, thats right, ELEVEN years later. My mammogram (on the 8th of May by the way) was clear! i'm good to go!

I had a wonderful Mothers day.  Jenny gave me a beautiful book that she made on Shutterfly using pictures of her and I from the beginning. She included some of my husband and her boyfriend. There was inspirational poems with each pic.  Heck yeah, it made me cry.  She's a good girl.

She also managed to take a very unflattering pic of me when i was reading the book.  Even though i know i could look a LOT better, it kind of shook me awake.  so today I joined a gym.  Trainer is free and they teach me how to eat healthy. I'm excited for this.  I'm not totally horrible looking. I have awesome legs (thanks to many years of competitive roller skating in my youth). i just have a big belly (some of I take the blame for, some of it Gastroparesis gets the blame for).  I start next week, wish me luck!

Anyone who knows me, KNOWS that i hate hot weather.  Well, the past couple of days its been horridly hot.  103 in town, but here on Waltons Mountain still got temps in the 90's. YUCK.  

The 19 yr old daughter next door, adopted two kittens around this time last year.  They were so freaking cute.  The 19 yr old decided to move and left the cats with her family to take care of.  Of course, you know who ended up taking care of the kittens. Yeah, me.  They were being left out at night (in the mountains NO ONE leaves their pets out at night with the animals that are wild around here).  We would track them down, and put them in their house. Only to have the SAME thing happen night after night.

i told the girls dad that we would just take them and put them in the garage with our other cat, Henry J. I told him that we were feeding them and that we would have them fixed.  i arranged to have them fixed for free, and took them by myself to the vet.  The little girl kitten had an infection and it was TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS to open her back up and clean out the infection.  

By this time i was pretty mad, and told the dad he owed me the money. He paid me 100 dollars and since it was close to Christmas i let him slide on the other 100. 

The kittens were doing great with us.  One day though, someone told me that the brother of the girl who adopted the kittens, posted on his facebook that his little girl (2) was allergic to the kittens and he wanted to give them away.  WHAT????????????????????

i immediately tried to get hold of him (wouldn't answer the door, another sister that didn't live there tried to get ahold of him, even his baby mama couldn't get him to answer the phone) Finally i just got fed up and called his dad.

I told the dad that we had been raising those kittens for almost a year, and what was he thinking?  I told him if someone would have talked to me, i'd have been more rational about it.  But no one did.  They leave the doors open and the kittens get in their house.  He knew i was not happy.  They told me they had a wonderful woman in our town that wanted both kittens and would take good care of them.  the little girls health is more important.  So, reluctantly I said i was good with it.

The kittens have been gone for about a month and i miss them so. They were so cute and so loving.  BUT, my other cats, Frito (the spoiled brat) and Henry J (the scaredy cat) are thrilled the kittens are gone.  Kittens love to play and my old fart cats won't have it LOL.  I'm just happy that their new home is good and that they are together.

the kittens

Thats it for now.  Oh, if you have HBO watch the special on Liberace on May 26th (i think).  My grandma played piano with him many years ago.

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