Monday, February 6, 2012

I love my Giants! and in other breaking news...

I love my Giants. My dad raised me as a die hard NY Giants fan, and that tradition continues!
He's up in Heaven savoring this win. Also, when i first started dating my now-husband, our first date was at my house in 1991. I was hosting a Super Bowl party, Giants vs Buffalo Bills. Of course, my Giants won, i went crazy with excitement. The next day i found his car, and put a copy of the sports page under the windshield wiper :)

The only thing i did in the way of being obnoxious this time, was to my good friend Debi M. She owns a restaurant here in town, and was being quite cocky towards me (yeah, she was joking, but still!) about my Giants, so i told her before the game, that if my Giants won, I would buy her a Giants shirt and she could wear it next Monday when she works the entire day in the restaurant as a waitress. Can't wait to see that! Its all in good fun, and she's being a good sport!

Jenny and I are off to Vegas as soon as I'm done writing this. I'm so excited! I will do a Trip Report when we get back Thursday.

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Debbie said...

Way to go GIANTS!!!!!

Have fun and win me some Money!!! LOL.

God Bless~