Friday, February 10, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

We're baaaaaaack! Its that time, a trip report for my time in Las Vegas.

Jenny and I hit the road at noon. I had to wait for her to get off work, and leaving at noon would put us ahead of the traffic. Driving time to Las Vegas is about 5 hours (give or take an hour). I love the drive and the desert is so beautiful.

Just past Barstow CA

we were making good time, when we decided to stop in Baker, CA to get some drive thru food for the last 90 minutes of the drive into Las Vegas. While we were in the drive thru, the interior lights came on, and wouldn't shut off! After fooling with them for a bit, i decided to go to the local garage in town. (this is a teeny tiny tourist town, catering to hungry, tired tourists who want gas, food, groceries. Its in the middle of the desert, so nothing happens here unless its tourist related). I went to the local garage, Baker towing (now called Dunstons) and spoke to the mechanic. he couldn't figure it out either, so we asked him to help us take out the interior light bulbs, and we'd deal with it at home. He did this, didn't charge anything, and we were off again, no worse for the wear.
our original room on the Pet Friendly floor

We arrived in Vegas about 6pm and checked into our hotel, Harrahs. We usually stay there since its about 32 bucks a night. Can't beat that really. Its in the middle of the strip, easy, free parking, and fast food right next door if you want something quick and cheap.

We had a great time in Vegas, walking around looking at all the gift shops, malls and of course the best thing... people watching. I didn't gamble much since i had Jenny with me (she's not old enough to gamble in Vegas since she's 18). We went downtown to Fremont street so that she could do the zip line.

First, you sign your life away. You acknowledge that you have no mental issues, that you are a healthy person, and you won't sue. Then you are weighed. If you are over 250 lbs you are not allowed on it. I was too chicken and had to admit it when i weighed less than 250 lol. You then go up in the parking structure to level 5 (so thats at LEAST 5 stories high just to get hooked up. The guys hook you up to an apparatus that keep you hanging on the zip line. The guy told Jenny to keep her feet under her butt, and no wiggling.

When it was all said and done, she did the zip line and had a blast. Then where they really get you is the pictures. 20 bucks for the first and 5 dollars after that. We just bought one. But, it was a memorable experience for the both of us.
the man instructing Jennifer on the finer points of zip lining.

There's Jenny heading down the zip line.

The little speck is Jennifer, Zip lining on Fremont Street.

This is the 20 dollar pic.

I did forget to mention, when we first registered at Harrahs they put us on the 3rd floor of the Mardi Gras tower.The first thing you see when you exit the elevator is a sign that says 'This is a Pet Friendly floor'. Normally i don't care what room we're in as long as we get a good nights sleep. The first night there, a dog was barking in a room near the elevator. But since our room was at the end of the hallway, it didn't bother us as we couldn't hear it in the room.

but, THEN the people next to us, left their two dogs in the room alone, and these dogs started barking for over an hour. So, Jenny and I went to registration to let them know we weren't happy. They so kindly upgraded us for free to a suite. The suite was on the 9th floor and had a nice view. It also had a king size bed, and a sofa with a pull out bed. There was a fax machine in it, and get this.....a television in the bathroom! That is something my dad lobbied for in our house growing up. My mother was dead-set against it, so we never had that.
TV in the bathroom

upgraded to the suite

i managed to win a little bit of money. twice i hit on Keno for 184 quarters. around 46 bucks each. But i didn't gamble much, i chose to hang out with Jenny and shop. She bought some shoes, and some souvenirs, and i bought some Giants Tshirts (of course).

We stayed from Monday thru Thursday. As usual, i hated to leave, but we'll go back in October. This time I'll bring hub instead. He never gets to go because going thru the mountains is the devil on his ears. However I will take him the back way towards arizona. No real mountains here, just a gradual incline.

Welcome to CA sign on the 93 south.

In closing, i'd like to share something i put on my Facebook. :)
In Vegas and some guy says to us Good Morning Cougars. I was thrilled, Jennifer, not so much

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