Sunday, January 22, 2012

bits and pieces of me

Hello! still January isn't it? It seems to be going quite slow.

i had a doctor visit last week. I was dreading it since through the holidays i was a BAD diabetic. I just got off track, didn't eat as well as i could have, and just sucked as a compliant diabetic.

however, since January 1st, i've stuck to my New Years Resolution pretty well. Eating better, trying to exercise (as much as I can with my back) and checking my blood sugars more often.

I was weighed at the doctor, but i NEVER look at the scale because, well, thats a part of the failing that i didn't want to know about. Denial you know. The doctor said "i'd like to congratulate you on your 13 pound weight loss". I was SO EXCITED! Also, my last visit, my A1c was 13. Not good at all. When i was admitted to the hospital for my 7 day stay, my A1c was 14.7. But, this visit it was down to 10.0!!! much better. Still shooting for that magic 7, but i'm encouraged.

Also, in my entire life i've never had high blood pressure until this past year. But not on this visit! it was 122 over 80. So all in all a very good visit. Now i'll be scheduling a visit with the Diabetiologist Dr Fink and maybe figure out how to get this A1c to drop even more. But i'm so happy with myself i could just explode!

Thats it for now. XOXO


jojo said...

thats great news, especially over the holidays! I'm still in search of the elusive 7 also.

Debbie said...

I went from 7.2 A1C to a 8.2 A1C because of predisone the doc put me on for my arthritis. I was not happy, but the doc adjusted my pump numbers and I am doing much better. Hope you get your numbers better too!!! ILY!

God Bless~