Saturday, September 17, 2011

Diabetes can suck it

sorry, i've been sooo busy, i've once again, neglected my reader. Life keeps getting in the way.

Have I ever said how much I hate diabetes? I'm sure everyone says it, so its not anything new. However, i was a good diabetic for a long time. Well, let me back up... i was a BAAAAD diabetic from diagnosis in 1997 until April 2007 when i went into Ketoacidosis and almost died. It scared me straight. My A1c when i went into the hospital, was 14.7! my sugar was off the charts. I ate what i wanted, drank what i wanted, took my medication if i felt like it. I felt like one pill would fix my sugar. If a doctor lectured me, I changed doctors. Almost dying changed me.

i became an ideal diabetic. I would eat right, drink right, take my medication. Never missed a doctor appointment. Then my sugars began to creep up just a bit. The doctor fixed this for me by putting me on insulin. Novolog. Since i'm terrified of needles, hub injected me twice a day. It got my sugars down and my A1c was 6.0.

Then in January, the new drug company that i chose for my medicare plan (I called and made sure they covered all of my medication) decided not to cover my Novolog. They said they would cover Humalog. So, i began using that. And not once, since January have my sugars been normal. My A1c in April was 10.0. We upped the amount of insulin, and this last doctor visit my A1c was 13.0. WTF????? I even saw a dietician to maybe relearn how I am eating. I'm eating perfectly. I can't really exercise because of my astronomical blood sugars, and my back has decided to let me know i'm not 21 anymore. (my back is part of the reason i'm disabled).

we've changed injection sites, times I've taken the medication, blah blah, and its just like hitting my head against the wall. The doctor is sending me to see something called a Diabetiologist (?). She said he's the best in San Diego at Diabetes. She also said I might be eligible for the pump. I'll be a Type 2 with an insulin pump. not sure how I feel about that. My friend Katie is a type 1 with a pump and she loves hers.

i can guarantee you, i am NOT going back to the hospital for ketoacidosis. It was horrible. I'm trying so hard to be healthy its killing me! if you have any tips about getting sugar down, let me know. argh!


Debbie said...

Well, I was just told Friday I will get my pink pump this week. I am a type 1 although. Medicare is very strict who they will deem eligigle. Your C-Peptide has to show your pancreas is producing no insulin or very very little insulin. My passed easily...LOL. Make sure they take your C-peptide before you even think about a pump. Sounds like maybe you are very insulin resistant. Humalog is the same thing as Novalog, just a different company. I use Humalog and U-500 insulin. In the pump, I will use U-500 only. The gastroparesis can also cause high sugars is what I was told. I have that also. Girl, you need to get those numbers down!!! Bless your heart!!
I have been diagnosed with glaucoma now, and have to take nightly drops. The eye doc also suspects MS. I am having more tests run for that and to see why I have lost almost all my vision in my left eye. I have no perrifial(sp) vision in both eyes. I go back in a little over a week, for 2 more tests. One is a eye muscle test, not sure what the other is.

Deb, I pray for you nightly. I promise I do. Get these numbers under control. Do whatever it takes. I am trying myself, that why the pump. I have put it off to long, and the doc says it's time. I hope I like it as much as Katie does, and hope it works well for me. I count ever carb I eat, and take my humalog accordenly. I take the U-500 twice a day, so right now, I take at least 5 shots a day, so getting on the pump will leasen that. Ask your doc about u-500 insulin. It has helped me. Since you are type 2, I am not sure. David is type 2. He takes byetta, metformin and glybiride. I love you and want you feeling better and well!! Get your eyes checked!!!

Well I wrote a book. LOL. Please keep me in your prayers and you are always in mine!!

God Bless~

jojo said...

Well I don't want to dispute anything that my buddy Deb says but I have had trouble switching from Novolog to Humalog and my diabetologist says there is a difference and the pump was only certified for Novolog!! I dunno, seems like every doctor has a different opinion. Anyway I am not as well controlled on Humalog. BUT if you have to go on the pump I'm sure you will love it. It has made all the difference in the world to me...but again, I am type 1.
Do what you can to get your numbers down, it's so freakin' hard and nobody is judging you...least not me!
Like Deb says, get your eyes checked and do all the carb counting etc, we got to stick together here and support each other.
take care.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am so sorry that the stupid insurance company has caused you so much trouble. It angers me when they mess with someone like yourself on insulin
My oldest son and granddaughter are both juvenile diabetics and not long ago I found a sheet of paper in Kaci's room listing why she hated diabetes. It was so sad especially since she has had it since she was 7 and will be 10 next month.
I pray you get the help you need.
You and Debbie are in my prayers