Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Josh Groban, don't you know who I am?

Just a bit of a rant... no, a lot of a rant. I have been a big fan of Josh Groban's since he first came on the scene. Everytime he came here in concert, we didn't have the money to go. But, i would buy his CD's, DVD's, whatever he was selling. He's amazing!
On August 7th, i won FOUR tickets to see Josh in concert here in San Diego on August 16th. I was so excited! Finally i was going to see him in person. Today, August 9th, i got an email from a friend, who saw online, that Josh's concert was canceled. I'm not even sure what happened, but it looks like it was scheduling conflicts. Was it Live Nation? or was it Josh Groban? At this point i don't know. I've sent the emails to Live Nation, and Twittered JG trying to get information.
It breaks my heart that in the land of big business, the little people, like me, are forgotten. I don't get out very much since times are tough right now, but this was going to be a free show! For me! and now? nothing. I'm so disappointed. Tomorrow I'm sure anger will take over, but for right now, i'm just wearing a big ol' sad face.
If you Twitter, ask Josh @joshgroban WHY they cancelled the San Diego concert. He's got a Facebook, but you have to 'Like' that page in order to comment.
Today, this is my top pet peeve.

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Debbie Jean said...

I love Josh Groban also, and if I were you, I too would be sad and mad!!! I would love to see him in concert. Heck I haven't been to any concert since like 1996, and that was Garth Brooks. I miss talking to you!! Hope all is well in your world. I have been busy trying to get this insulin pump. Hopefully by my birthday!!!
Love ya!

God Bless~