Monday, July 25, 2011

Here I is!

Did you miss me? I've been a very busy mom lately. The only reason I'm home right now is because Jennifer is working, and its hot outside. AND, we got a new air conditioner that makes my house like 7-11 cold. If i didn't have to leave to shop for food, or pick Jennifer up, I'd sit on the couch 24/7 and be one happy mommy.

Jennifer is done with high school, and now its on to the next phase. College. Since she's only 17, I think its best if she just starts slow with College. She is going to take her math/english assessments tomorrow, Tuesday. After that, she meets with the counselor. She's just planning on taking one or two classes just to get used to college and decide what it is she wants to do with her school life.

There was a black chow around our neighborhood that had no owner. It was extremely scared of people, so, you know me, I made it my goal to befriend it. I fed it every day. It knew my car when we would come home, and it would run up the street after me. I'd feed it canned dog food, and while it never let me hug it or give it a bath, he did let me pet him. it also 'escorted' Jennifer to work (she sometimes walks to work a mile away) He'd walk behind her just to make sure she got to work, and then he'd come back to our house. I seemed to be the only one that he'd get that close to. Well, he tolerated Scotty too. But then, so do i. LOL. Anyway, after a month or so of this dog running around, the Sheriff that lives in our neighborhood, called Animal Control. It had crossed my mind to do this as well, but i was determined to help that dog myself. Animal Control showed up last week and took the dog. Even though I knew it was for the best, it still broke my heart. That dog won't be adoptable due to its fear, and will more than likely, be put to sleep. :(

I start my diabetes education next week. After my run in with Ketoacidosis, i did well. But in the past year my sugar has skyrocketed, my A1c went from a 6.0 to 10.0. Being on Medicare, i'm kind of limited to what they want me to take for my insulin. They have me on Humalog 75/25. since i've been on this, thats when my sugars have increased. My doctor has increased the amount I take, but its not helping. So, I've decided to relearn how to eat. hopefully that will help.

I am also buying an elliptical in the next month. Since its so difficult for me to walk, i need to find an easier way to exercise. What better way to do so? Exercise in my air conditioned house on Walton's Mountain? Hub kind of popped my balloon by saying "yeah, you got a bike, and you see how that went". Riding the bike is pretty difficult for me. The uphills kill me, and I tried. I'm good going downhill, but I'm petrified something will happen when i'm riding. You know, like the wheel falling off, etc. I do walk it to town (about 1 mile) and ride it around there, since there are no hills. But its summer, and remember, Princesses don't sweat! So, I was upset at first at hubs remarks, but then i figured, I'll show him. (well at least i HOPE i will!)

One other thing with my diabetes is my big bloated belly. Caused by gastroparesis. Its not so big during the day, but at night, after about 7pm, it looks like I'm 8 months pregnant. I hate it. nothing fits, i look pregnant, and its very uncomfortable. if you look at me from behind, you'd think I was a normal looking person. but come on around and get the full visual. argh!

Enough about me. i want to send my prayers out to the victims and families of those people in Norway. It sickens my heart to know there are people out in the world that want nothing better than to cause pain and hurt on innocent people.

Okay, its time to get Jennifer from work, and we're off to food shop. I'm making cupcakes for a baby shower in a couple of weeks, but since its something I haven't done before, we're going to do a trial run. They will be 'made from scratch' Red Velvet Cupcakes with 'made from scratch' Cream Cheese Frosting. Wish me luck!

in closing, happy anniversary to my parents. They are celebrating their 62nd anniversary in Heaven enjoying tea and coffee and hanging out with John Wayne.

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