Saturday, April 2, 2011

A weekend with Rob

Last weekend, hub and I made our annual trip to help run a dart tournament in the south bay area. I've done this for a number of years, and while I don't usually shoot in it, i enjoy seeing old friends, and making new ones. We had the time of our lives at the tournament this year. Here's why

One of our dart associations biggest supporters, Rob Blair was there. He ALWAYS buys a crazy amount of raffle tickets (for prizes such as tools, trips, food, etc). This year was no different, he bought 120 dollars worth of tickets. he's always good for a laugh. I love Rob and his sense of humor. He's the nicest guy you'd ever meet, always having a smile for anyone.

When i was finishing up Saturday night, Rob was sitting with me on stage. Since he was a bit tipsy, i asked him if he had a ride home. He told me that he did. We laughed and joked about old times, and then he said "Can I ask you a question?". To which I responded "you just did". We cracked up like two 5 year olds. It was time to head home, so I hugged him and told him I'd see him next year.

The next day I got word that Rob had a massive heart attack at the hotel that night, and unfortunately they couldn't save him. At first I was very sad, knowing I'd never see him again. Then, i remembered how lucky I was that I got to spend the weekend being entertained by him. How lucky I was to have had that last conversation with him. Most people don't get that.

Rob you will be missed by all those that knew you and loved you. Have a Goldschlager up in Heaven for me. Tell my mom and dad i said hello :)

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