Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prom and stuff

Its hard to believe, but senior prom is a memory. April 21st, Jennifer attended her senior prom. I'm really proud of her. She paid for everything herself. In fact, she's paid for just about everything that senior year entails. I've helped here and there, but she's worked really hard to do it all herself.

Thursday morning, she got up, and got ready to head over to her friend Virginia's house. Since she's single at the moment, Jennifer has decided that Virginia would be her 'date' for the prom. They then went to a girls house that Jennifer works with, and spent the day 'in hair and makeup'. Finally, at around 5pm they came home, all dressed up and ready to go.

Both girls looked beautiful. After taking pictures, i stopped by Jennifers work so that they could go in and show off. Then, we were off. i decided, rather than pay stupid money for a limo, I'd be their limo driver. Both girls were up for that, so i had packed up many things to do while I waited over 4 hours for them to enjoy themselves. DVD player and videos, crossword puzzles, and a cell phone for internet.

The place that they held the prom is a fancy restaurant on the bay (about an hour from us, which is the reason I didn't drop them off and drive home). While I waited, i drove to a nearby Mexican restaurant that is a bigtime favorite of mine, El Indio. I picked up some food, and brought it back to the prom. I hooked up my DVD player and watched some Waltons and The King and I.

The prom was supposed to be over at 11pm, but everyone began pouring out at 10:40pm. WHAT? it ended early!? The girls said it was just so-so. The DJ wasn't that great, the food (small amount of appetizers) wasn't so good, and to top it off, the DJ just stopped at 10:40. She said she enjoyed herself, so that is the good thing, I guess.

I must say that I have to compliment Jennifers 'date' Virginia. She stuck with her the entire evening. This i have to mention because of an issue at school. There are a couple of girls at school that have decided to be 'Mean Girls' to Jennifer (and a few others). Everyone is behind Jennifer and not allowing things to get worse. Jennifer is rising above it all, saying she doesn't care. I know better, as these girls were her friends. But, as in all friendships, there was a falling out, and these girls have lowered themselves to a new level. Anyhow, Virginia has stuck by Jennifer and won't allow her to be hurt by anyone. I'm very proud of their friendship. I do have to make a mommy bitchy comment about one of the girls being such a bully. This isn't her first time doing the bully route. She's run one other girl from their school. This girl has a full scholarship to San Diego State in the fall. She'll be living in the dorms. She's in for a rude awakening, coming from a small town and going to a big college. They won't allow her to pull these stunts there. Its too bad she doesn't have the guidance from her family that she really does need. Jennifer has that, and for that, I'm proud of her.

I do have to tell another story of what happened the day of prom. Our neighbor friend (and landlord who rented us our beautiful home here on Waltons Mountain) has lung cancer that has spread to her brain and pancreas. She's had cancer for sometime, but its gotten worse.

Her husband came to our door the morning of prom. He was shaking and tearing up. He explained that his wife (i'll call her 'M') had strokelike symptoms a week ago, and it turns out that there are new tumors on her brain, and its not operable. He knew that I'd been through this with my parents (as a fulltime solo caregiver) and he wanted me to go to the doctor with them as a new set of ears. It was a challenge timewise, but, we worked it out.

The oncologist was my oncologist when I had breast cancer. I sat in on the meeting. The doctor said that they could try Full Brain radiation, but in the past, due to side effects, she said no. However, this time, M said "i want to live". That alone was just an awe inspiring statement. We asked how long she had with and without the treatment. Without, it wouldn't be long at all, maybe a month. With it, maybe a couple of months. it was so awful to hear the doctor say that. I cannot even imagine what they are thinking. They are going to do full brain radiation.

This woman had such a zest for life. She was a realtor and had many many irons in the fire renting and selling places to live. In fact, she placed the ad for our home on Craigslist. I was wary about going through them, but when we made the hour drive up here, and met her. I was sold. Always had a smile on her face. no matter what, M has changed my life.

Thanks for visiting, Happy Easter.

The bay
Jennifers shoes on the left, Virginia's are on the right.
Virginia and Jennifer
Virginia and Jennifer

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Debbie Jean said...

Jenny is just beautiful. You are such a good momma and it shows with that girl.
I hope that you had a great easter. I love ya Deb!!

God Bless~