Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She will be missed

If you read my blog just before this one, you know about my friend and neighbor Michelle's struggle with cancer. She's had such a hard time of it, but her time on earth ended on may 19th. She was so brave, and tried so hard to live, just to be there for her children and her husband. Her fight for life is now over, but she left a poem behind. I will miss her so much. I still can hear her laugh. The words that she spoke at the Oncologists office "I want to live" still stay in my mind. She had a wonderful sense of humor, and I appreciated that. I will miss sitting outside talking about life, poking fun at our husbands, and basically just laughing for hours on end. I can only hope when i'm faced with death, i can handle it with as much grace as she had.

Here is the poem she left. Rest in Peace Michelle, you will be missed

lord I love you, but I don't want to go
though I know it's not up to me or even the doctors I see
Is It wrong for me to want to stay
even though I know they wIll be ok

I love them so much it breaks my heart to think
they may not have there mommy one day
what about my daughter and the angles that she bore
cant I have some tIme to love them even more
what about my daughter that's not even out of school
I can't even ImagIne what that little soul wIll do

and then there's my son how tough he likes to act
I want more tIme with him to see that develish grin
what about my mom how will she hold on
what will she do after I have moved on

my husband the love of my lIfe
how wIll he go on wIth out his wIfe

am I beIng selfish to beg you to let me stay
and what about the promises that I have made
to let you use me in any way
even though some days I do stray

but If I have to go
I have only one request
that somehow they know I did my very best
If I have to go
can you tell me one more thIng
are there really wholes in the floor of heaven
and will I see them again


Debbie Jean said...

So sorry Deb, for the death of your friend. It's so hard losing ones we love and are close to. I miss my sister so much. Her poem spoke mountains, didn't it? Thanks for sharing it.
Remember, I love you!!! Thanks for being my friend.

God Bless~

jojo said...

that poem was just heartbreaking and a look into a lovely spirit who wanted nothing more than to live for her family. I know how well you will miss her were both blessed to have each other. Stay strong and hold on to those wonderful memories. love you...