Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The things a mom will do for her child...

Yesterday, Jennifer and her friend wanted to see Jackass 3D at the movies. Since I'm not a Jackass type of girl (i frown on vomiting), i decided to see Red with Bruce Willis. So, we made the drive down the mountain to the Regal 18 theaters in Parkway Plaza. The weather was horrible, so a normally 35 minute drive took us almost an hour. You know, people in southern California cannot drive in the rain, haha.

we got to the theater, and i bought 2 tickets for Jackass 3D, and I bought my ticket for Red. We went to the theaters upstairs (yep this place is huge), got our food, and I went to my theater. Jackass was playing across from my theater. I had just sat down, when Jennifer texted me. She said that the manager wasn't letting in the theater because she wasn't 17. what????? so i met up with them, and he said that me buying the tickets isn't good enough, i have to actually sit inside the theater with her. After a bit of bitching on my part, i didn't want to disappoint the girls, so I sucked it up and sat in the movie with them. Since i hate vomiting, especially surprise vomiting (if you've seen any of the Jackass movies, you'll know what i'm talking about), i sat with my back turned to the screen, and texted, read my email, checked the internet.

When the movie was done (which the girls loved by the way) we were up waiting to leave the theater. i noticed there was a bunch of kids, that were OBVIOUSLY under 17 without an adult present. When we left the theater, the manager/movie bodyguard was nowhere to be seen. What i DID see, was parents of these kids leaving other theaters and meeting up with these kids in the hallway! Needless to say, this really set me off.

i wrote a letter to the movie theater we were at and addressed it to the manager. I also CC'd the Regal Corporate offices. I explained to them, that while I understand that there are policies in place so that kids do not see such things, i think that they should enforce the rules for ALL movies, not just this one. For instance, I told them that Jennifer saw Halloween 2, which is a rated R movie, with her best friend and I didn't even buy the tickets, the girls bought and paid for them with their own money. As far as Jackass 3D went, I also told them that I didn't appreciate that they had a guard at the door, but after the movie started, they didn't seem to care if the parents stayed in the theater.

Now, don't think that I let Jennifer see movies for nudity or suggestive situations. We live in California, and things are a bit more lax here. She sees ALL of the scary movies. For instance, Halloween 2 has some nudity, cuss words and sexual situations. So did ALL of the Halloween movies, the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Jersey Shore, even Greys Anatomy. I am very aware of things that Jennifer should NOT watch. But, I feel that if I, as her guardian, am paying for the ticket, that should be my acknowledgement that its okay for her to watch the movie without me sitting in the same theater. What was I going to do when there was a cuss word said, cover her ears? I don't think so.

Plus, after i came home from the movies, i have a ton of welts on my legs and arms. big ones, about the size of half dollars. Not bed bugs, i googled it you know. It just happened after we left the theater. Stress maybe? ugh, who knows.

That was my Tuesday night. Hope yours was better!

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