Friday, November 5, 2010

its been a 17 year E ticket ride!

i sit here, realizing that this is the last weekend that my beautiful daughter, the infamous Jenny Punkin Pie, will be 16 years old. Monday, November 8th, she's turning 17. I can't believe it! Didn't I just give birth to her last week?!

She's been a complete joy from the day she was born. Being an older parent when i had her (i was 37), I thought that I'd never have the energy to keep up with her. But, she gave me energy i had forgotten i had! Sure, we had our issues, such as her momentary lapse in judgement during our first year here on Waltons Mountain, but a little tough love and restriction, and she bounced back. She's an honor roll student, has a great sense of humor, thinks of others before herself, and always has a kind word or a smile for everyone. What mother wouldn't want that for their child?

She's in her Senior Year in high school, and just got her progress report and I'm proud to say she got ALL A's and B's. She enjoys the charter school that she's been in since her junior year. Jenny also loves working at our town's little coffee shop. In fact, she picked up another shift, so now she gets about 18 hours a week.

Time has certainly flown. We'll be celebrating like usual at Disneyland for her birthday, and we always have a good time!

Thats it for today. If you are reading this, can you post a happy birthday Jenny? I don't even know if anyone reads my little ol' blog, so I am guessing at least its good therapy for me.

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Debbie Jean said...

I read your blog, sweetie, always. Happy Birthday Jennie Punkin Pie!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

PS. I haven't been feeling very good. Loads of pain. Doc thinks I have shingles!! UGH!