Tuesday, August 24, 2010

an ode to Jenny Punkin Pie

Today, my baby, Jennifer, who is now 16, started her senior year of high school. Of course it seemed like just another day, but i then realized, she's in her last year of forced school. Don't get me wrong, she's always loved going to school, but after this year, the state of California wont be knocking at my door should she decide not to go to school. I didn't get misty eyed like i did when she was a kindergartner, going to school for the first time ever, at 4 years old. Hub had to drag me out of the class. Yeah, i was one of those parents.

Oh yes, she was 4 when she started kindergarten. Her birthday is in November, and the cutoff was December so I decided to let her go a tad early. Her first K teacher told me that I was starting Jennifer too early, and in the long run, she wouldn't be able to do much of anything, because of her early start. From the first day, this teacher had nothing nice to say about ANY of the children in her class. But when she told me that MY child wouldn't amount to much, i yanked her out of that class. We found the perfect school right behind our house (that had a bad rap with other parents), and it turned out to be the best thing ever for Jenny AND for me. Her K teacher, Mrs Joy was a wonderful teacher. I truly believe that she is the woman that helped pave the way for Jennifer to succeed in school.

Sure, my precious angel has had some troubles in school, but then again, what child hasn't? But her grades were always above the standard, and she always had enthusiasm for her work and school. From grade 4 through grade 9 she never missed one day of school. Even when we moved,and I drove her 30plus miles each way to school to ensure that, even though we had moved out of district, she still was able to be with her friends at school. Might I add, that NEVER in all of her school years, was she ever late. School in this house is a family project!

So, as we embark on her last year of school, I must say that I'm proud of Jenny Punkin Pie. She's been a good student, a great daughter, and the absolute light of my life.
Here's her Kindergarten pic. I remember crying when she brought them home.

This is the most recent pic of Jenny at home. Stay tuned the hair color will change again LOL

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