Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My body's warranty ran out

I'm baaaack. No, I haven't really been anywhere, but I'm back from there.

I saw my doctor last week. She upped my dosage on the Lantus (insulin pen) by a couple of units. My fasting blood sugar was 137, and considering how crappy my sugars have been, i was pleased. However my blood pressure was high. 145/95. That was the good reading, as the doctor took it 3 times. In my entire life, I've always had GREAT blood pressure, never high. This, combined with my swollen ankles makes her think something is up with my heart. She ordered some blood work, and we're going from there.

THEN, Friday night, she called me at home and told me my potassium was VERY high, and she wanted me to get an immediate retest the next day. She said she was hoping that the original test was incorrect. Its something that can happen (i wont go into all the medical mumbo jumbo) so, on a Saturday morning, i went to the hospital to have my blood taken again. Being a needle-phobe, I was not happy.

2 hours later, the results came back, and the potassium was a better level. This news made me happy. However, my sugar was 279, so its a constant monitoring situation. I so hate diabetes. Cancer was so much easier to beat. ya know?

Yesterday, the doctors office called and told me that the doctor wants me back in exactly one month for a blood pressure recheck and an EKG. Ugh. So, September 10th I'll be going back. If it isn't one thing its another.

We are in the final week of summer before Jenny goes back to school. she's going to be senior. It makes me sad to think we're almost done with school. I don't think she wants to go to college right away, so I'll just be there to support whatever decision she makes.

Its been hot, and I'll say it again, i HATE summer. i HATE having to use my air conditioner because in San Diego our electric company charges an arm and a leg to use any electrical appliance. I'm really anal about the power usage here, so I think in the long run, that helps us. Bring on the snow, and make me happy.

One final note. Remember the kittens that we rescued/adopted from the neighbors cat that pretty much abandoned her litter? Well, Peanut, the long hair one went missing one day, and never came back. Odds are pretty good a coyote or some other mountain animal got her. She's been gone about 5 weeks. After losing Monkey, I really am trying to not get attached to any animals for a while. So, while I'm sad about Peanut, I choose just to believe that she's been adopted by some other cat lady here on Waltons Mountain.

The other 2 kittens/cats are doing well. Stewie has decided that he will sleep in the garage every night. We lock our other cat, Henry J up in the garage at night for his own safety. Stewie saw that Henry J gets a full can of food every night, so he wanted in on the action. So, precisely at 7, the two of them are at the front door, letting us know its time to head for the garage. Its cute. The other kitten/cat, Frito, has decided that Scotty is her boyfriend. she nuzzles up to him, climbs into bed with him, follows him around all the time, and meows to him. She can do without Jenny or I lol. She's also very jealous. If i'm sitting on the couch with Scotty, Frito will sit right in between us, in order to keep me away from him. Its cute!

okay, I've rambled on long enough.

Henry J (yes, she's a girl, but we named her after my dad, and ended up calling her 'him'


jojo said...

my dad's name was Henri!!

I so understand with the diabetes, it sucks. It is constant...wish I could get a little vacation from it just to see what it's like.

take care and keep in touch.

Debbie Jean said...

Oh the life of us diabetics. Isn't it fun?? NO!!!!! I am glad that the potassium level is OK. Don't want to mess with that!!! David has to take potassium pills to keep his high enough. He filed for SSD, so keep your fingers crossed for us Deb!! Times are hard!!

Keep me informed as to what's going on. I feel I have lost touch a little and not liking that!!

God Bless and Love ya girl!!!

Debbie Jean