Thursday, August 5, 2010

Its more of the same but different

Its August! We're this much closer to winter time. LOL. i know there are those of you that want to crack me over the head with a bottle of wine, but I really cannot stand the warm weather. I think it wouldn't bother me, but with the ridiculously high prices for electricity, i can't afford to have the air conditioner on 24/7. As it is, I'll wait until 3pm to turn it on, and no matter what, its off by 6pm.

My ankles are having issues. I'm pretty sure its my kidney disease. They are full of water. They aren't really huge, but they are puffy. You can put your finger on one, and dent it in, and the dent stays there. that worries me. I drink water all day long. no soda, no booze, nothing. I've cut out almost all salt out of my diet. I've elevated my legs to try to get the puffiness to go away, and nope.
My sugar has been high as well. I've increased my insulin, but thats not helping. And then there's my neuropathy. I'm sure the sugar issues aren't helping it. I've now got numbness in my left hand, and the numbness in my feet has moved up to my shins. My doctor appointment is Thursday at 11am. Don't worry, i'm all over it, and if it gets worse, I'll get myself to the ER. But, other than the 'issues' i feel pretty danged good, considering.

Jenny is now into her 2nd month of working at the diner. she loves it. Today, she's working an extra day for someone that wanted the day off. She was supposed to work just 3 hours, but she texted me, and told me that they asked if she could work until closing. The owner is giving her a ride home. I told her as long as she ate lunch, I was okay with it LOL. She's enjoying her time as a dishwasher, and doing great for her first job! A little bit ago, she texted me to tell me that for the last 3 hours of work, she gets to serve drinks too. I hope she always has this excitement for any job that she has!

I visit a lot of local online radio stations to play their contests and giveaways. One station had a giveaway of the 13th season of ER. I love that show, so i entered it. I also put entries in under Scotty's name as well. Scotty won, so yesterday, Jenny and I went to the radio station to pick up the prize. Since it was Scotty's prize, I had to bring his photo ID with me to get the prize. Why do i tell you this? Welp, somewhere between here and the house, I lost his drivers license. He was not a happy camper. In fact, when he handed it to me, he said 'Now, don't lose it'. Now, he has to visit the DMV, and pay 26 bucks for a new one. and you know what the DMV is like!

okay, thats it for today. I hope you are having a wonderful summer! xoxo

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jojo said...

The neuropathy is the hardest thing for me to legs are getting worse and now my hands are starting up. *sigh* Hope you find some relief when you get to the sure to let us know! Take care.