Monday, July 26, 2010

Just a whole lotta nothin'

Where did July go? oh thats right, it went away! Now i'm just one month closer to winter. I HATE hot weather. i hate it hate hate hate. Yes, we have air conditioning, but it costs money to run it here in CA. Shoot, I can't even walk by and look at the a/c without my electric bill going up. Bring on the cooler weather please.

My poor car is still having issues. Yes, its old, but she's my baby. 2002 isn't really an old year, but they sure don't make cars like they used to. We have spent a ton of money on her, every time something goes wrong it happens near payday, which I'm thankful for. I'm determined to not let her die, since I'm not prepared for new car payments. Plus she means alot to me. I probably told you, but in 2002, when i was going through Chemotherapy for my breast cancer, hub and I decided to waste part of a day just looking at cars. We were at the Chrysler dealer, and i was admiring the PT cruisers. Hub told me how proud he was of how i was handling chemo, and told the guy, 'lets get it'. and just like that, I had a car. So, you can see why I'm not ready to give her up.

My diabetes has been having issues. My sugars are up, and I'm not sure why. So, now that we're in between car issues, I'm headed to the doctor. I know they are affecting my kidneys, because my cute, adorable ankles are swollen. I have the best ankles you will ever see. Even when i weighed 300 lbs, my ankles were tiny, and just gorgeous. Last time they got like this, i had a kidney infection. So it's off to the doctor I go.

I'm smack in the middle of my reality shows. All my faves, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, America's Next Top Model, are all on summer break. So, all i have to watch is So You Think You Can Dance. The guy that i picked to win, Alex, got injured, so he's off the show :(. Its a good, fun show, so it keeps me interested. One good thing about summer, is that Jenny is out of school, so we go to the movies. We saw Toy Story 3 in 3D, and while Jenny thought it was cute, i was bored silly. I even fell asleep for 5 minutes. But, we more than made up for that failure, by seeing Despicable Me in 3D. To say I loved this movie, would be a grand understatement. I highly recommend this movie. Just go to You Tube, and type in It's So Fluffy, and you'll see one of the most entertaining parts of the movie. Awesome.

Thats it for today. Just random blatherings from this Ninja mom. xoxo

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jojo said...

love your makes me feel right at home!
Take care and get thee to the doctor before your kidneys start acting up...diabetes sucks.