Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I now pronounce you.......married

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it! Lets reminisce shall we?

It all happened so quickly. And no, I didn't have to get married (Jennifer didn't come until 2.5 years after we got married). We met on January 25th, 1991. I walked into the bar, where they were holding our dart awards, and I was with someone I was dating (but didn't really like). I saw Scotty from across the room, and said 'Go home Dale. Seriously, i did! I had a friend of mine introduce me to Scotty, and the rest, as they say, was history.

We got engaged March 23rd, 1991, and were married June 15th the same year. Of course, the year wasn't all fun and games, as I lost my dad that February. But, we got through that, and planned for a wonderful wedding day. From the day we got engaged in March, we bought a bottle of booze each week, stocking up on many different types of alcohol for the reception. We also purchased many many MANY packages of chicken wings, so that hubs dad could make sweet and sour chicken. I shopped around at tons and tons of stores, and finally found a beautiful Dolce and Gabana wedding dress for 300 dollars. So far, so good!

On the invitations (that I got a GREAT deal on) we asked guests to bring dress down clothes for the reception, and to PLEASE bring a dish. We had 150 guests, so you can imagine how much food we had! It was wonderful, casual, and inexpensive. Everyone had a great time!

We had our honeymoon in Vegas. It was HOT but we had a blast. Even came home with some money. Not much, but some!

So, here we are, 19 years later. For the most part, we're a happy couple. Some days I dont like him very much, but I'll always love him. He nursed me through a very tough pregnancy with Jennifer, Breast Cancer and then my near death experience with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. You know what they say, In Sickeness and in Health!

Here's before and after pictures. There's more of me of course, and Scotty has wrinkles now. We've learned some lessons, paid some deep prices, but we're still here!


joanne said...

Congratulations!! May you be blessed with many, many more. Love the pictures, just beautiful.

Debbie Jean said...

This was really fun to read. Loved the pics, and Happy Anniversary kids!! And they said it wouldn't last!!! LOL.. Love ya!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean