Monday, June 14, 2010

Shake Shake Shake........

Just had to update ya'll. We just had a pretty sizeable earthquake. Not numbers-wise, as it was 'only' a 5.7. BUT, since we are only 45 miles from the epicenter, we get it pretty darned good. This one shook our house BIG TIME and for a LONG TIME. way more so, than the easter 7.1 quake in the same location.

It just shook and shook for at least a minute. Once again, the drawers fell out of a dresser, one of my pictures fell over. Jenny's boyfriend was visiting, and freaked out. He's never been in a 2nd story building when one hits. This one really worried me, since this building (my apt) is so old. But, we're all alive, and made it through, yet another quake (with tons of pretty big aftershocks)


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