Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love my TV shows dont ya know.......

Tell me, who loved Lee winning on American Idol last night. Don't get me wrong, Crystal was good, really good. But her onstage demeanor kind of turned me off. I know it was probably just her personality, but she came off as cocky, and, I didn't like it. So Lee got my vote. Yes, I voted, but only for the finale. The show was pretty good. You can tell the people that produce AI are older folks, because they ALWAYS put acts out there that I can identify with. In this case, Hall and Oates and Chicago. I loved Alice Cooper opening the show, and AI did a great job with that little production. I'm also sorry Simon is leaving, and it shall be interesting to see what they do next year. My vote goes to Harry Connick Jr as a replacement. And please get rid of Kara. :)

Another TV show, Dancing With The Stars has come to a seasons end too. I loved that Derrick and Nicole won. I get soooo tired of people complaining that Nicole was a dancer. I want to remind them that this is Dancing With the Stars, not Dancing with People Who Have Never Had Dance Experience. Besides, she never had ballroom training. A lot of people wanted Erin to win, saying she wasn't a dancer. Um, let me point out that she had extensive dance training when she was a child. So, now that its over, what am i going to do with my Monday and Tuesday nights?

Yes, So You Think You Can Dance is starting, so this will occupy my time. They are switching the format, and having the dancers that are competing, dance with a past SYTYCD dancer. It'll sort of be like the Dancing With the Stars format, where the pro's dance with the 'non pro's'. I'm kind of sad that Mary Murphy wont be back. I hope its just a vicious rumor, and that her yelling, screaming self will be back. Either way, I love this show!

Greys Anatomy season finale. Didn't you just LOVE IT? i was on the edge of my couch the the entire episode, and was wondering if my heart could handle the entire episode. Well done to the writers, and actors. Especially Chandra Wilson, who plays Miranda. Her scene with the shooter should be up for Emmy consideration this year, dont you think?

Thats it for this blog. oh! and
Today is Jennifers last day of 11th grade. I can't believe it. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was a little bitty baby? She's at school right now taking finals for a couple of classes. Then its time for her to be a SENIOR! egads!

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Debbie Jean said...

American Idol was great. I liked them both so it was hard for me to decide so I didn't vote, as I just didn't know which one I wanted to win. I was happy either way. I do believe Crystal had the better voice, but I love Lee's personality and his voice was good also. Beings Crsytal is from Ohio, I understood her personality some. She's from Northern Ohio, and they are some different. My daughter lives up there. She came from a poor background. Anyways, I loved the show last night and I will miss Simon a lot. I liked him, don't know why but I did.

Oh my Grey's nearly killed me. I too was on the edge of my seat. Yes Miranda is due a award for her performance. it was superb!! What will I do on Thursday evenings now? No Grey's and no private Practice. I don't watch the dancing shows much. Dancing with the stars bores me to tears. I watched it alittle this year while Kate was on there but after she was gone, I didn't.
Congrats JPP for becoming a senior!! Great things are in her future. here we are the same age and you have a daughter in high school, and I have a granddaughter in high school. Taylor will be a sophamore.
Loved your post!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean