Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pick a day, any day.......

May 29th, a day that will live in Infamy. No, i'm not Roosevelt, talking about Pearl Harbor, haha. It was EIGHT years ago today, that i became a breast cancer survivor. This is the day the doctor went in, and removed the cancer from my breast. There are a few days I could have chosen to commemorate the day I became a survivor, but i chose May 29th. The other dates were April 12th, the day the doctor found all of the lumps. or April 30th, the day of the lumpectomy. May 8th, the day I heard those horrible words 'You have cancer'. But, nope, I chose, today, the day my doctor took that cancer away.

Now as you might know, it wasn't the end of it. I had chemotherapy which started in July of 02, or radiation, which started in February of 03. I also have had 6 scares since 2002. But I'm cancer free, and quite happy to go on doing the same for a long time!

Thats it for today. Just me, shouting from the rooftops of Waltons Mountain!

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