Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changesssssssss

its the day before Easter, so let me get this out of the way. Happy Easter to everyone! Jenny is with her boyfriends family at the river for the holiday, so its just me and the mister. LOL, the mister... You may know him as Scotty. We arent having ham, or anything special, but we have decided to make a meal that Scotty and I love, but Jennifer hates. My mom used to make this when we were kids, and i LOVE IT. its digusting to look at, and probably gross to read, but i LOVE it! Mashed potatoes, Hamburger and gravy.

You just cook up the hamburger as if you were making taco's. When its cooked, you make a small hole in the middle of the hamburger and add water, pepper and salt. Simple as that. Put your mashed potatoes on your plate, then add the hamburger to the potatoes. THEN comes the fun part. Take the 'water gravy' and stop off your meal. YuMmmmmm.

We got snow again on Thursday. Just a couple of inches, but enough to send me outside again with my camera. I still love snow! I had a mammogram scheduled for that day, but didnt want to risk driving down the mountain in the snow, so it was rescheduled for this Monday.

The mammo is a follow up to the one i had in October. They spotted some microcalcifications. Since I'm a breast cancer survivor, they wanted me back in 6 months to monitor the changes. Hopefully its just nothing. I've had microcalcifications before (followed by 5 biopsies) since the cancer, so its nothing new. So, after my 9:30am appt Monday the 5th, I'll have some more information. Cross your fingers, say prayers, whatever sends good vibes!

I've also been making full use of our local library. I request all sorts of books and DVD's, and it keeps me busy (and off the computer). This last week, I checked out The Waltons Season 3. 7 DVD's were in the case. 5 episodes on each DVD. Checking out DVD's from the library, you only get 7 days. I asked the library if i could renew it, she said that there was no budging, library policy. So, in 4 days I watched the entire season! I returned it to pick up my new checkout, Victory at Sea, and i was told by the librarian, that I could have, indeed, renewed The Waltons! I'll keep that in mind when i get Season 2. I fully support my local library.

Oh, and Jennys progress report came in the mail....... I'm happy to say, she got 4 A's and 2 B's. I'm really proud of her, she's doing so well!

Thats it, just an update from lil' ol' me!

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