Monday, April 5, 2010

just some information.....

Had my mammogram today. (see post below this one). I'm cancer free! so, come May 29th, I will be an 8 year Breast Cancer Survivor.

Thats it.

Oh, wait, one more thing. Somewhere in my blog entries, i referred to the desecration of Ft Rosecrans National Cemetary. In a nutshell, they were renovating my parents section, trying to align the graves to look more uniform. Which would have been fine, however...... there were no signs, no warning, nothing. so when i went to visit my parents grave, I pulled up to the entire thing being uprooted. today i received an email, with an apology from the Cemetary Director, informing me that the work is complete . He also sent me pictures of the grave, which had pretty flowers with the headstone. So, this is just in time for my moms birthday April 11th. She would have been 88.


Katie Mae said...

The site is beautiful! Glad you got an explanation and a picture!

And HOLY CRAP... EIGHT YEARS! We need to have a party!

I love you!

Debbie Jean said...

8 yrs is so wonderful!! I am so happy for you!!!

The grave site is so nic e. How kind for him to email you and send a pic and a apology. Of course, it shuld have never happened to begin with!!

Love ya!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean