Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just another day at the Elks lodge

Since I'm a dyed in the wool steel tipped dart player, it was my public duty to show up for the annual Pat Murphy Memorial Shoot. Actually, I help run the tournament along side my good friend, Paul Schauer. Scotty and I showed up Friday night for the blind draw doubles. I was the designated driver, and since i sat on stage to run the tourney, it was a nice evening. Sitting on stage, keeps you out of the way of the drunks.

Scotty did well, ending up with a top 4 finish. We drove the long drive home (45 miles) and rested up for the big part of the tournament on Saturday. They have 4 different events, and it makes for a long day. First event of the day was Mixed Doubles,
and i hadn't planned on shooting. But, someone came to me, telling me that one guy needed a partner. I still fought it, saying nope, i dont want to shoot. But, for the good of the tournament (they need to make money) i gave in. Well, all good deeds pay off. My partner Sean and I, took first place! Made some good money, and had fun too!

I decided since my luck was going good, I signed up for Womens singles. My back was starting to hurt, and it was hot! i still did good, and ended up making it to the semi finals, where my poor old body finally said 'Enough!'. So, a little more money, and my dart career was done for the day.

The tournament went well. The day started at 10 am, and ended at 1030pm. I then realized I hadn't eaten all day! Can you believe that? I was too tired to stop on the way home, so i just came home, went to sleep, and decided to eat Sunday. I didnt even test my sugar, which is rare for me. But i was just too danged tired.

Thats it for today. Just a little bragging!
This is Sean, my partner and I, just after our Mixed Doubles win. Like my Toby Keith shirt?

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