Saturday, March 13, 2010

I was missing, but now I'm found...

wow! i've been MIA for a couple weeks. To my reader (yes, i said reader LOL), i would love to say I've been busy, but truth is, thats not the truth. Not really, anyway. I did bake cupcakes (cherry chip) and I made fudge for Jenny's ASB bake sale. My fudge is famous as you might remember. Milk Chocolate fudge. No sugar added!

I want to thank my dear friend Deb (the famous one in Ohio!) for the beautiful sympathy card. She sent me a card for the loss of my beautiful Monkey. That card made my day. Big hugs to you my friend. Its been 2 weeks since Monkey passed, and as I expected, with time, it has gotten easier. I am sticking to my guns, about not going into the garage, since thats where she died. I have visited her grave once, but I'm just not ready to do it again. Our other cat (not counting the 3 kittens that adopted us) Henry J, so obviously misses her. They were together day and night for 3 years (when he adopted us at our old house, 'Little House on the Ghetto'), and now, he seems so lost. He does interact with the kittens when they are playing, so I'm sure that helps.
Henry J
These are the kittens that adopted us when the mommy abandoned them

We've had some 'earth activity' around here for about a week. 3 sizeable earthquakes. 3.5, 4.0 and then this morning, a 4.2. I'm sure its building up to the big one. I've lived in CA all of my life, so I'm pretty much used to them, but still.... its moving earth. Plus it doesnt help that we just watched 2012 LOL. I just hate the way that there are tons of earthquakes all over the world, BIG ONES. Its a matter of time before CA gets hit, so, if you are a praying person, here's where you can do your job! :)

We just spent more money getting our car fixed (the amount was above 1700 dollars and below 1800, so you can guess where our tax dollars went. Since we live so far from hubs work, and the mechanic, a nice girl and her hub (that hub works with) shuttled hub back and forth the 4 days it took to get the car finished. They are Dawn and Brent. In addition to giving them gas money etc, hub has invited them up to Walton's Mountain, where he will make his infamous home made taco's. I've been eating these taco's for 20 years, and i can tell you, while they are good, I'm sick to death of them. I was going to go to the casino while they were here, but even *I* am not that rude. So, i'll suck it up, and hang around. The things people do for their spouses.

Alrighty then, I'm off to watch some movies. Last weekend it was Gone With The Wind, today will probably be Old Dogs with John Travolta.


Debbie Jean said...

And who would your 1 reader be?

You are welcome and I love ya.

One question.. Is Henry J a male? I thought all calico's were female? Vets even told me that. I love calico's. My favorite.

Love ya,

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Just Deb said...

Henry J is a female (shh, we havent told 'him' yet). When he adopted us in 07, i just looked at 'him' and said your name is Henry J (after my dad) and we've called 'him' a him since then LOL>