Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day. Remember the kittens that adopted us? well, i was able to obtain vouchers to have them spayed for free, thus saving me 120.00. They only give vouchers for females, so that they dont breeed. So we took Peanut and Frito yesterday to have their uteruses ripped out (LOL sorry). We met with the Vet, who examined them both, found them to be healthy, and approved the surgery. Since we live nearly an hour from the vet, we decided to spend the day in town.

Is anyone besides me, appalled at the way some people treat the retail people? We were in Walmart getting last minute things. The cashier said 'you are my last customers'. As she was ringing us up, some old woman started putting her stuff down on the counter. Nevermind the cashiers light was OFF. The cashier very kindly informed the old woman, 'I'm sorry, but i'm closed now'. To this, the old woman yelled, 'SHIT'. The cashier just ignored her, but not me. I told her 'Lighten up honey, its Christmas time'. She didnt say anything, but i'm sure she got my point. After the old woman left, the cashier thanked me. :)

After Jenny and I managed to kill most of the day, we returned to pick up Frito and Peanut. The woman checking us out, said 'Yes, Peanut and Frito, one spay and one neuter'. i told her no, they were both girls. She went back to check, and out came the vet, laughing. She said 'While doing a closer examination, we found 2 undescended testicles, and that might be why everyone, including us, thought Peanut was a girl'. So, i dropped off two female kittens and came home with a boy and a girl. LOL, only me!

My inlaws dropped off their gifts to us, and now, they are all under the tree, ready for Christmas morning! They also gave us a HUGE ham, which i have named Hamzilla. We're having Christmas brunch with our neighbors. Jenny and the neighbors daughter Jany are having a mashed potato contest. Jenny makes THE best mashed potatoes i've ever had, so it shall be fun!

okay thats it! Merry Christmas to my friends that celebrate Christmas. For those that dont, i wish you peace and happiness. oh and of course HUGS!

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jojo said...

Merry Christmas Deb...enjoy your day, and the mashed potatoes...yum!