Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fa La La La siss boom bah

its almost Christmas time, can you believe it? I'm pretty much done shopping. Easy enough to get done shopping, when you havent got much money to buy with. I got hub his tool and drill set that he's been begging for. Jenny got her Xbox. At first we saved up, and got her a reconditioned one from Game Stop. Then a friend of hers at school told Jenny that her brother had one he wasnt using anymore, and that Jenny could have it! With games and controllers. So, tomorrow, she gets that, and i'll wrap it up and let her open it with a surprised look on Christmas. We can take the 150 dollars that we get back for the game, and buy more presents! And me? well, I'll just be glad when i open the pots and pans set that my mother in law is getting me. There will be a bunch of 1.00 gifts under the tree come Christmas, just for the fun of opening.

i just LOVE Christmas. My parents made sure the holiday was very festive and fun. It makes me sad when i think of Christmas without them, but I always include them in the holiday, if just in thought. I've got the tree up, all decorated, and our presents under the tree. Jenny is a good sport, and is letting us put her presents from grandma (a snow jacket and shoes) under the tree as well. She promises to act surprised at everything she gets. We've got lights in the bedroom window, which you can see from the street. They are all blue, and so pretty! Starting Monday, its 24/7 Christmas music here in my house. Scotty and Jenny aren't too thrilled, but they know how important the Christmas tradition is to me, so they let it slide (and they do a ton of work outside the house LOL)

Next week, we're taking the two female kittens that adopted us to get fixed. We got 2 free coupons to have it done. I knew it was time, when i saw their brother sniffing their butts LOL. They are growing up to be the cutest kittens ever. Peanut and Frito are the girls, and Stewie is the boy. They wont like it initially, but they'll thank me for it later!

I am typing on a new computer. Jennys boyfriends dad, is an IT guy (computer geek) and he built me this one, for 50 bucks. i love it! its quiet, its fast, its mine! and , Dude, its a Dell!

okay, time for dinner, just wanted to do a quick blog.

And here is our tree. Its black, with brown, tan and gold ornaments and bows.

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