Monday, November 16, 2009

how many days until Nov 8, 2010?

Jennys birthday week is finally over. Yep, i said birthday week. Because we didnt have any money on her actual birthday, we decided upon birthday week, as a present to her. Jenny isn't a materialistic type of 16 yr old, but I am, so i like to show her a good time.

Thursday we went to Disneyland. Her boyfriend, Cody, came with us. We had a wonderful time.
It was a lot of walking, this i knew going in, but I'm lucky that people dont mind stopping for me to rest my back and feet. Plus, i could people watch all day, and Disneyland is just the place for it. and the topper? They have Annual Passes for Disneyland AND California Adventure on a monthly payment plan, so we decided to do it. for a grand total of 12 dollars a month, Jenny and I have a year round pass. We only live about 90 miles from Disneyland, so it's a good investment.

Also on the birthday week agenda was visiting our local swap meet on Saturday. I never remember how much i hate the swap meet, until i get there. It is jam packed full of all types of people. Its called Mexico north for a reason. But, its well worth the pushing and shoving to get Scotty his socks, or our annual winter blankets. Cant beat the deals there.

Sunday we had a barbeque. Hamburgers, and cake and ice cream. Then we took Jennys boyfriend home, and it was back to a relatively normal life. Jenny will be going to the desert Thanksgiving week with her boyfriends family (mom, dad, and 2 sisters), so it'll just be Scotty and I. In 18.5 yrs of marriage, we've never had a Thanksgiving to ourselves. So, either we'll be really happy, or we'll kill each other.

Thats it, just rambling along. here's some pictures.

Me with the appropriate letter (they spell out CALIFORNIA)

Jennifer and Cody........yes, i know he has a mohawk. I'm working on it.
the happy couple.
the matterhorn

Tower of Terror, this ride is crazy!!!! Plunges you to earth!

the Haunted Mansion. Pretty cool ride, and easy on my back!

feet of fury......... aka my tired feet.

Jenny's Birthday cake. she chose it.

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