Thursday, October 15, 2009

my man is coming out of retirement

i woke up to the most glorious, wonderful news! GARTH BROOKS IS COMING BACK OUT OF RETIREMENT!!!!!!!!!

yes, i know, you are probably thinking big deal Deb. But to me? this is without a doubt, the best news i've received since we found out we were pregnant with Jennifer. I've been a fan of Garths since he first started in 1989. I have ALL of his music on Cassette, AND on DVD. I've got DVD collections, and Video collections. I've seen him in concert 10 times. We played many of his songs at our wedding and reception.
i'd seen Garth in concert in many different venues, with different back up artists. Once at Miramar Air Station with his opening act, the Judds. One time, Martina McBride opened for him. Once, his future wife, Trisha Yearwood opened for him. I dragged my then 15 yr old son to Vegas with me to see him at UNLV. But, 1996 was the year,and Garth was coming to San Diego. I so wanted to see him, and see him up close. I'd always been way in the back. Dont get me wrong, its fine and dandy, but to see him up close, would be absolute heaven. So, a friend told me to try using a ticket broker. I'd never heard of that, but found one in the paper, and called them up. They had 2 tickets, 6th row center. I then asked how much they were. 150.00 a ticket. So, i'd be paying 300 dollars to sit in the 6th row center. I'd be paying 300 dollars to make my rock and roller husband go with me. I'd be paying 300 dollars to have the best experience EVER. I told the guy to hold the tickets and i was on my way down.

i figured, hey, i work 60 hours a week, i deserve something special. Plus, my birthday was coming up, and that way i could justify spending this insane amount of money. I got ready and drove to the broker. I went inside, had my credit card ready to plunk down for 2 tickets, 6th row center. Then that TEENY WEENY voice of reason in my head, went off. it said 'Deb, ask if they have anything closer'. (you didnt really think i had a voice of reason in my head did you? LOL)So, i asked. They had two tickets FRONT AND CENTER. 'How much?' said i.

Are you sitting down? 400 dollars a ticket. WHAT? did you hear me? 400 DOLLARS A TICKET!!! i thought about it for maybe 5 seconds. I handed the guy my card with only that 5 second hesitation. What would Scotty say? Honestly, he didnt even cross my mind. i had TWO TICKETS FRONT AND CENTER! and it only cost me 800 dollars. lol

i got home, broke the news to Scotty, who wasnt really THAT upset. He knew better. i never ask for anything for myself. EVER. i put everyone in the family ahead of my own needs. It was the first time, in a very long time, that i'd done anything for myself.

The night of the concert was filled with so much WIN that i could barely stand up. We took our seats, and i had my camera ready. We saw Garths mom and said hello to her. Then the lights dimmed, and the music started up. out from under the stage, Garth was playing the piano, and he was rising up, up, up. And then it happened, I started freaking CRYING! i shook like a teenager. i bawled like a baby. and i felt it coming on. Scotty just looked at me like i was a fool.

The concert was a blast. i took a million pictures. i had eye contact 4th song, and i TOUCHED HIS BOOT! I have never had that much fun at a concert in my life. Did I mention i took pictures? 4 rolls of pictures (yes, this was before digital cameras) and they are ALL blurry. i was shaking the entire time. After the last encore, after the crowds left, hub and i dragged my soaking wet butt out of there. i bought souvenirs (2 tshirts, which i still wear to this day), and we went home. I slept better that night, than i had in a long time!

So, when i say i'm excited Garth is coming out of retirement, as you can see, its probably a grand understatement!

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