Friday, October 23, 2009

Jenny Punkin Pie report

as you probably know, my darling Jenny Punkin Pie has had some schooling issues for quite a while. In a nutshell, she went from a Straight A, Honor Roll, Scholastic Society, Superintendents Honor Roll, to C's and D's. This began in 9th grade, but we had a grip on it. Last year, at her new school up here on Waltons Mountain, she B A R E L Y made it out of 10th grade. And it wasnt for my lack of effort being an involved parent. I would check in almost daily with notes, phone calls, visits. Yup, the teachers hated me, and I really didnt care. I am Jennifers 'person'.

The teachers were horrible about contact. Horrible about follow through. She was well behaved. The teachers liked her. But, as with CA these days, the teachers were overwhelmed, and outmanned. The kids ran that school. She ended up with D's and C's on her last report card, and quite franklly, I was pleased.

I'd had enough. This year, i put her in the Charter School here in town. Pine Valley Academy, an extension of Julian Charter School. Because of her year end grades, she was immediately put on contract. This i applauded. The school also bragged about their small teacher to child ratio. They also use something called TeacherEase. I have full contact with the teachers, i can go in, and get up to the date information about Jennifers work. If she's missing anything, i know about it. I'm in heaven!

Jennifer has worked very hard this year, and her progress report reflects it. She's got 3 A's and 3 B's. She's turned into the worker bee that she used to be! The teachers have all emailed me, and praised Jennifer. I'm very proud of her. She came back, from what was a disastrous 10th grade year, turned herself around, and is back on track.

She's involved in the Yearbook, ASB, the School Newsletter, and Cheer. Thats all today. I just wanted to tell you about my punkin pie. We're proud! Hard to believe she's going to be 16 on November 8th.

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Debbie Jean said...

WTG Jenny Punkin Pie!!!!