Monday, October 5, 2009

Ft Rosecrans ... the sequel and then some

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Today i met and interviewed with two more news stations here in town. KGTV (which is the local equivalent of ABC) and KFMB (local CBS affiliate). Jennifer and I drove up to Ft Rosecrans. I was hoping, that since they were open, Rosecrans would offer up some information.

While i was interviewing with KFMB, the Cemetery director showed up. After the interview was finished, he came up, and in a creepy funeral director sort of voice, he offered up his apologies. He also said only 2 people have complained to him. THIS i do not believe. Then i asked him where the momentos that were around my parents headstone. He didnt have an answer to that, he said he'd investigate it. I'm not surprised by this. I asked him why there was no sign up somewhere saying 'Pardon our Dust' or something. He told me there was one sign, and it was at a west entrance, NOT the main entrance. We use the main entrance because we get the vases for our flowers there. There is no sign there. He said they will put a sign up there as well. He did say they were trying to make Ft Rosecrans look more uniform and neat. While i do understand, and support this, the way they went about it, is completely ass backwards.

It made me physically ill today to go there, and see the men doing the work. One guy was sitting in his backhoe eating his lunch. No, he wasnt working, he was just having lunch, on top of peoples graves. On top of the headstones, that are piled up on the pallet, rests a can of weed killer and some steel. Very disrespectful to the dead... AND their families. Really ticks me off.

So, for now, i have some answers. Apologies that seemed sincere were offered up, and accepted. Below are some more pictures of what they've done.

The headstones. somewhere in this mess is my parents headstone.

weed killer resting upon the headstones.

me interviewing with KFMB and KGTV

lovely view *eyeroll*and the guy in the backhoe, eating lunch.

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jojo said...

such a beautiful setting, it seems so disrespectful and disturbing to see all those headstones laying around. I hope you find the answers you need Deb, and your mementos. Take care.