Wednesday, October 28, 2009

cough, sniff, blow, blurghhh

I woke up with a cold today! i never get colds. Scotty came home from work last week with a cold. The minute he walked in the door, i wouldn't allow him to come in the living room. He was made to wash his hands AND use anti-bacterial gel on his hands before he gave me my Lantus shot. (yes, he gives me my shot, i'm a BIG chicken) I pretty much quarantined him. But it did no good. I'm sick.

Actually, i feel pretty good. My neck hurts, and my stupid nose is clogged up but i'm good to go. Amazing how much tougher women are when we get sick. Scotty lay in bed from Saturday thru Tuesday. I hope Jenny doesn't get it. She's the toughest of us all when sickness hits. Ahh, youth.

AND, my favorite part of the year is coming up. COLD WEATHER!!!! today it was 29 when i woke up, and now, at 11:15 its only48! this is awesome. However, when we moved, i packed away my favorite pair of short uggs, and now they are missing. i loved them! my best guy friend, Butchy, bought them for me before we moved up here, so i'd have something warm to wear. :( On my payday, Jenny and I are hitting up Walmart so i can get gloves, and some winterwear. She wont wear earmuffs, so i'm getting her some cute beanies!

okay, i'm off to blow my nose. And hopefully take a shower. Thats the only thing i dont like about the cold weather, is showering. Hurts my delicate skin!

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Debbie Jean said...

Oh Deb, feel better my friend!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean