Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raise your hand if you're sure!

Where have i been? Oh thats right, busy!

first things first, i cancelled my surgery. There were MANY reasons why, but basically, they were split between my health issues (Kidney and diabetes) and just not feeling completely comfortable with the entire issue. No, my diabetes is in good order! in fact, its better than it has been in a long time. So, one thing good came out of this 'almost surgery' was getting my sugars into better shape. They were pretty good before, but could have used some improvement. A little tweaking with my meals, and adding in a daily walk, helped a lot. So, the initial plan was that we were going to monitor my changes in my breast cancer breast, and revisit it in 3 months to see if the changes didnt change. If they do, then i'll worry about that then! i've been giving my breasts entirely too much power. I'm the boss, and they'll learn!

my kidneys on the other hand havent been so cooperative. When i had my ketoacidosis in 07, i was told that my kidneys were really swollen and i had some form of kidney disease, along with a ton of swelling. I've had constant UTI's since then, always fixed with medication. Well, as soon as i had scheduled the surgery, it turns out i had some protein in my urine, and was prescribed lisinopril. I got a really dry cough with it, and turns out, i am allergic to ace-inhibitors. Lisinopril. But, the doctor says when i start medicare (and the other fun stuff that goes with it) she will put me on the non generic which will help tremendously.

I'm pretty excited to have my Medicare start Oct 1st. I've also signed up for Part D (Prescription coverage) and for the grand total of 33 dollars a month, my prescriptions are 4.00 each, AND my diabetes stuff is COVERED! no payment at all. Right now with all of my medication, its a ton of money for copays for each medication. I'd estimate i pay about 140.00 EACH MONTH in copays alone. Medicare pays for my diabetes stuff, so i'm going to be feeling much better, and not stressing as much over medication and my health.

Jenny started back to school. 11th grade. She's at the Charter school now, and i love it! a LOT of it is independent study, so i have more control over what she does. I'm 100 percent involved with her schooling, which is what the school wants. She goes to school Mon and Wed from 7:30 to 3:15, and Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-10:15. She's also a little joiner, having signed up for Cheer, the Yearbook, and the school newsletter. Its a small school, so the yearbook is only 45.00 (instead of the 95 dollar fee the other school charged) and cheer they just wear matching colors. Keep your fingers crossed, that this will be the year we've been hoping for with Jenny and school!

Thats it for now. Its a beautiful day here on Waltons mountain, so i'm going to sit on my deck and watch the birds eat the seed i put out for them, and watch my hummingbirds fight for the feeder. Have a wonderful day!

here's some pics from Waltons mountain from the last week.

right before the Thunderstorm

more before the evening Thunderstorm

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jojo said...

I am so glad that the medicare is going to work out so well for you...that's not what I have heard from other people sooo, lucky you! Hope everything else stays stable and that you can continue to feel well. Take care..glad you posted...;p