Friday, September 4, 2009

Heat and other blatherings.

whoa~ i did a blog the other day, and i think i deleted it! So, here i am again.
Its been HOT up here on Waltons Mountain, aka Pine Valley, CA. i am NOT a fan of heat, in fact i hate it. Always have. My poor family knows that if they see even one bead of sweat on my body, to hit the dirt running. I'm not a happy camper when i sweat. Or, glow.

Jenny started 11th grade last week, at her new Charter school. I have high hopes for this school. They are pro parent involvement (unlike her last high school), the class size is WAY smaller, and its close to the house. They also have a website, that the teachers are required to update daily with schoolwork info, grades, tests, etc. Both the parents AND the child have access to this. me likey! Jenny has joined ASB, Yearbook, and School Paper. She's not much of a joiner, but the school has her buy in, and i'm happy with it. its not an overwhelming amount of work, but just enough for the kids to enjoy it. In addition to her regular classes like English, Earth Science, History, and Geometry, she's also got Home Ec and Journalism. She had initially signed up for Clothing Design, but we learned that it was all book study, and not actual designing of the clothes. So, she switched to Home Ec. She's already a good little cook, so this can only help.

As i sit here typing this, that danged Baskin Robbins commercial is on. The one where they say 'Ice Cream and Cake' over and over and over. I'm going to boycott them just because of the commercial!

okay thats it. i'm getting my rear end up, and head over to the air conditioner and turn it on, and maybe.....just maybe, take a nap. Since i have insomnia, i really try NOT to take naps, as it will screw up things at night. but my little princess butt is sleepy today!

Here's a couple pics from Waltons Mountain

Jenny, 1st day of school. Gotta walk thru the meadow to get there!

1st day of school

We dont get rain much here in San Diego, but apparently the Mountains get a ton of these summer storms!

just before another Thunderstorm

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