Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Picture this

Well, we're having a heat wave..... a tropical heat wave. Okay, so it isnt tropical, but its HOT. and anyone who knows me, knows i hate heat. I took it upon myself, to go to Walmart, and buy a little air conditioner. I have a tiny apartment, so, a tiny air conditioner seemed perfect. And i was right! its a 5200 BTU window air conditioner.I paid 98 dollars for it! Then you take off $9.80 for my Walmart discount, you have an even better deal. It works so perfectly, and of course, a non sweaty Debbie, is a happy Debbie.

Also, i've been taking some pictures lately, more than usual. Our local newspaper is having a contest for amateur photographers. Winner gets one of those fancy cameras. There's prizes for also-rans, so i figure, why not? Here's some pics that i'm thinking of entering.

this is a view from our mountain out to the desert

Cuyamaca State Park

this was one of our first days in Pine Valley

There are tons more, but i'm just putting them into a folder until i decide which ones i want to enter. You can have a total of 6 per entry.

I've also taken to bird watching. We have a hummingbird feeder, which attracts tons of hummingbirds. They love it, and even hover around my head while i'm sitting outside watching them. There's a bully amongst them, and I've named him Stevie Wonder. He chases off ALL of the other hummingbirds, just as they are showing up for water. Every once in a while, he shares 'his feeder' with other hummingbirds. As tacky as it sounds, the reason i've named him that, is because he's almost all black, and tosses his head back and forth, just like Stevie when he sings. (dont be offended, its really cute).

I also put birdseed all along the rails of our Veranda
for the other birds. (yeah, i call it a veranda, it sounds so much more 'snooty' lol) They love it. Its so cute, there will be various different types of birds on the rail, sharing birdseed. They are messy, but its okay, easy to clean up. And i do believe they like me, because they very rarely poop on my veranda. They let me sit there and take their pictures, talk to them, and even walk nearby them. Here's some pics of my birds.

This bird thinks he's a hummingbird.

Skipper (from Madagascar) he looks like a penguin!

Stevie Wonder

my visitors.

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jojo said...

I love the pics but the third one of the sky is absolutely breath-taking. Good luck with the contest, i'll be waiting to see how it comes out...;p