Thursday, July 9, 2009

Information is what i have

Such a busy day full of news.. i had my appt with the surgeon today. To make a long story considerably shorter, i had a mammo in April (and again in June), and there were changes in my microcalcifications from my last mammo. So, my doctor had me visit the surgeon for a 2nd opinion. She wants to see me again in 3 months to monitor the changes.

While we were talking, i asked her about mastectomies for my troublesome breasts. I told her that I was 53 and they were far from useful to me anymore. i have had 7 biopsies since my breast cancer in 2002. This isnt counting the 3 biopsies that i have had from 1978-1998. Just bothersome boobs, i tell ya! So, after discussing this with her, she said that she normally wants the patient to wait and be sure this is what they want. i told her i've done nothing but think about it since 2002. So she agreed. She is having me visit my Oncologist in the next two weeks, and then the plastic surgeon.

Also, she told me that the Oncologist has reviewed my pathology report, and my cancer, that i thought was Stage 2, was 'upgraded' to Stage 3A. There are only 4 stages of cancer, with 4 being the worst. So, due to the agressiveness (it had spread to my lymph nodes) of my cancer, she thinks this is a very good, informed decision. Updates to follow.

Then i get home, and am sitting on the couch watching TV, when i get an email through my Blackberry (my new phone, fodder for another blog). It was from an old friend, Linda. She said that a mutual friend, Nick Spare, had passed away today. I have known Nick since the 80's , from our days of playing tournament darts. He has always been a good friend. We played darts together, attended almost EVERY dart after party (which were usually held in my hotel room, and lasted well into the wee hours). He got married and moved out of state, and we eventually lost contact. Then Facebook brought him back into my life about a month ago. Nick had a quadruple bypass a few years ago, and was doing well. He apparently died in his sleep today. I loved Nick Spare, and will miss him so much.

Here's some pics of Nick. (from the 80's)

Nick at a dart shoot in Santa Ana, CA 1988

Lisa (Nicks wife at the time) me, and Nick 1988

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jojo said...

It doesn't sound like a good day at all. Thinking of you and sending prayers and a smile that things will be better soon..j)